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Thread: New user wanting to dive into authoring.

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    Hello everybody!

    Got my wife and I a Kasina for Christmas and have both been loving the experience so far. Weíve both been into mediation practices, binaural beats and dream machines for a long time and this seemed like the next step.

    I'm a composer by trade and would love to be able to make some interesting sessions.

    For a simple start, Iíve been trying to make a pink noise Ganzfeld Procedure-like session on my mac. Iíve made a 30 minute pink noise audio file in Logic Pro and Iím currently trying to locate some software to create the strobe file - The Basic Session editor seems to let me add an mp3 file into it, but there doesnít appear to be any way to save the file with the mp3 embedded in it. The basic session editor is also a bit cumbersome - I'd love to find something a bit more like a DAW or NLE for the Mac.

    Any ideas? Do I need some other software in order to author sessions for the Kasina?


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    There used to be an excellent piece of software from Transparent Corp called "Mind Workstation" (MWS) but they recently shut down.
    Have you tried any of the MuLab plugins?

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    Let me check out the plugins - thanks!

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    Hey Misterboo I just went through a huge self-education and discovery process for authoring SpectraStrobe content. I haven't yet dived into The Basic Session Editor, but if you're interested in the SpectraStrobe end of things, here's a post that explains a repository of info and some resources I created regarding everything I've learned about authoring SpectraStrobe content, including a few project templates for some DAWs.

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