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Thread: Eyeglass plug comment

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    I recently plugged the glasses in backwards on my procyon. Didn't seem to hurt anything - still working fine. I'm not really complaining - initially I did complain about the vol/bright controls not working smoothly but turned it it was just my gorrila hands. So it also seems that gorilla hands just don't deal well with these tiny pluggy thinks. Probably not typical - my gorilla hands just blew right past the auto trans safety lockout on my wifes car without ANY hesitation - dealer said they never saw aything like that before. In case your wonder - my car is a huge truck.

    Hopefuuly Andy agrees and says nothing was damaged in my unit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gintaras View Post
    Hopefully Andy agrees and says nothing was damaged in my unit.
    Well, if it's still working, then I guess you're ok!
    I would think that you've probably broken the plastic "key" that keeps the plug from going in the wrong way, and the connector may be a little loose and now it'll be easier than ever to plug it in "wrong"... Just be careful and I'd think you'll be ok...


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