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Thread: Creating Sessions without MWS

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    Default Creating Sessions without MWS

    Just thought I'd post a couple thoughts, and ask for a bit of help. I started with the Procyon, and bought the Kasina early upon its release. I did a number of my own sessions with MWS and NP3. A few years ago, I just stopped. I wasn't sure it was helping, and time and travel became a factor. I retired from my current position about a year ago. A few weeks ago, I dug around in our new home and found the Kasina, and started again. It helped with relaxation. Early this week I was reading some articles about how BWE can assist in treatment of ADD and ADHD. My wife was diagnosed with ADD a few years ago. She probably always had it, but in those years of growing up, nobody was looking for it. As she has aged, the symptoms got more pronounced and she has been taking Ritalin since. I talked to her about trying S&L and meditation to see if she would get off Ritalin, and to my surprise, she agreed. For the past three days she has dropped Ritalin, and does a morning and evening session with Inner Balance by Heartmath, and a mid-morning gamma session with the Kasina. Too early to tell yet, but she's willing to commit to a daily regimen.

    That's where this thread came in. I figured it had been a number of years since I used MWS and NP3, and I had hoped they would be available on Mac by now. I got on this thread and went, "oh, crap!" I had bought a Mac desktop several years ago, but installed Windows and accessed it through Parallels. As our office got a little more Mac friendly, I used Windows a lot less. A couple years ago, I upgraded to a new Mac and just copied everything over. Twice this year, I have come within a keystroke of deleting Parallels and Windows, but didn't do it. After I read this thread, I decided to see if my Transparent applications were still intact. I had to upgrade Parallels, which was OK because my wife has been after me to upgrade forms for her massage practice that were created in an old version of MS Office and Publisher. Lo and behold, both MWS and NP3 are intact and run perfectly. It's been so long, and with the data transfer, I was really surprised. I won't be upgrading past Windows 7 on Parallels, especially since I'm only in W7 while I work with MWS and NP3.

    So, for now, I have the ability to customize some programs for my wife. Here's the rub. I was able to take a couple of the stock programs from MWS and NP3 and create mp3's from them. My wife used one on MWS specifically designed for ADD/ADHD. This is the first time I have a passion to address a real life situation with the Kasina. But, I don't know enough about how I should do this to create more tracks. I really want some targeted tracks, plus provide enough diversity that it doesn't get old for her. She is wide open to stay the course on this and I'd love to see her off Ritalin.

    Can anyone here give me some advice to build some 20-30 minute sessions for her? How can I vary the sessions, yet still target different areas that will assist her? JoeV, I know you have also offered on the forum to program sessions. I have MWS and NP3 ready and loaded. I would appreciate all the insight you can give.

    Many thanks,

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    Default Re: Transparent corp legal action/class action lawsuit

    Send me a PM with your email, and I will send you some MWS files for ADD/ADHD

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