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Thread: Sleep Program with Red Lights

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    Default Sleep Program with Red Lights

    I use my Procyon every morning (almost) to meditate. I would like to use it at night as well to meditate and prepare me for sleep, but I don't like the "Night Voyage" factory-loaded programs at all because they have so much blue light. The blue light really messes up my sleep. I think this was a major flaw in the factory-loaded programs. (

    I'm really wanting a sleep program that uses only red and orange light and no blue whatsoever.

    Has anyone created such a sleep program that they could share?

    If nobody has done that already, I'm wondering if one of the factory-loaded "Night Voyage" sessions could be modified to be exactly the same except with only red and orange light instead of blue.

    I'm not technical and not interested in trying to do the programming for this, so would someone who knows how to program the Procyon be up for creating such a session for me and the community?

    I'm not sure how many hours this might take someone, but I would be willing to pay someone a good rate for an hour or two of work to do this if that motivated someone.


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    Default Re: Sleep Program with Red Lights


    I have edited the Night Voyage factorysession. Turned of the blue led. Hope this helps for you. Let me know.

    Kind regards,
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    Thanks Simon! I really appreciate this. I couldn't open the zip file though. I got the message that the zip file was empty. Could you perhaps try zipping and uploading the fiile again?

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    True. I use 7zip. The website didn't allow 7z and I changed the .z7 into .zip. If you reverse it back to .z7 you can open the file. To be sure I attached a zipped file.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for doing this, Simon. Unfortunately, with the blue lights simply turned off, a lot of the sessions have no lights coming on at all for much of the session. These night sessions are really heavy on the blue, so there isn't much left of them after turning the blue lights off without replacing them with more red.

    I think creating good quality, useful sleep sessions would require the blues to be changed to reds rather than just turning the blues off. I imagine that would be a lot more work to create than just turning them off though. Any thoughts on that, Simon?

    Ultimately, I wish mindplace would take into account the research on blue light for sleep and fix their factory sessions accordingly.

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