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Thread: Kasina use as a PEMF source

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    I discover with joy the power of Kasina throughout the last months and stumbled upon YouTube videos on using it as a source for PEMF coils.

    Could you please tell me if the source for googles is powerful enough to power a quadracoil or it will be limited for a classic pemf coil? What sources could I use to mimic the pemf apparatus existing on the market, knowing I am commencing on developping an interest in the EarthPulse SleepOnCommand PEMF that pulses at 9.6hz square pulse DC?

    Do you recommend a specific pulse generator to input on Kasina via auxin and if so is there an iPhone app that could do the trick?

    I am in need of this answers for a antalgic use for head and hip pain of pemf and really hope the Kasina will help.

    Thanks greatly,


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    Hi Florin,

    I can't answer your question about the Kasina as PEMF, but if you are looking for a reasonably priced portable device ($429.00) Google A9a ICES PEMF.
    It was designed by one of the top guys in the field, Bob Dennis, who designed the PEMF devices for NASA for its astronauts. More info and review at selfhacked plus they have discount codes for the devices:
    I am not affiliated with them. I bought one of these units for my dog with hip dysplasia.

    Best of luck,

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    I know its old post but have you seen the video

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