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Thread: 'Loop' setting

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    Default 'Loop' setting

    I've set Settings-General-Loop Playing to 'YES'.

    I expected this to mean that once i had selected a session, it would play repeatedly on a loop.

    However, it doesn't seem to have any effect, i.e. when I play a session, it plays once and then stops.

    Have I misunderstood what this setting actually does ?

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    Default Re: 'Loop' setting


    The Loop setting controls whether or not the Kasina will "loop" back to the first session in the folder after playing the last session, but it only functions when you are in "Playlist mode". To activate playlist mode, instead of pressing the center button to start playback, press the right button. When activated this way, it will play the current session, and when finished, will move on to the next session.
    If Loop is set to NO, then when it reaches the last session in the folder, it will stop playing. If Loop is set to YES, after playing the last session in the folder, it will "loop" back to the first session in the folder and start playing it. It will continue to loop forever until you press stop or the battery dies.

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