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    What is the Auxiliary cable type? Is it a stereo cable with 3 conductors or is it cellphone type with 4 conductors.
    I have been trying to play Audio-strobe mp3's (downloaded from Mindplace Soundcloud) from an Android cellphone thru a stereo cable to the Aux. on the Procyon and the glasses don't light up at all. I did this in AS mode. Weather digital or analog it does not work.
    The glasses work when using the built-in presets. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Auxiliary cable type

    Hello and welcome!

    The cable is included with the Procyon, and it is a stereo (3-wire) cable, with 2 black bands on the plugs. Same as regular headphones that don't have a microphone.

    When in AS mode, the volume control on the Procyon adjusts the sensitivity. Try turning this up higher. If you have it up all the way, you may need to turn up the volume of your music source (cellphone) higher to get the Procyon to respond.

    There are 2 AS modes, Analog and Digital. There is some information here that may help.

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    Turning the volume up on the cellphone turned on the lights. Thanks.

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