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Thread: [SEEKING] Frequencies detail for stock Procyon sessions

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    Default [SEEKING] Frequencies detail for stock Procyon sessions

    Mon 25 Jun 2018,, 8:29 pme

    Hi Y'all!

    What a week! Stupid, evil cat bit through the (proprietary) goggles cable of my LAXMAN. No reponse to my iinquiry. Are they even still in biz? If nto, tood bad. Nice gear. Don't know if goggles can be repaired or replaced.

    Then, or no apparent reason, goggles of my DAVE just died. Weird cooincidence! I live in Thailand, so sending them back to Canada for repair is not an idea option.

    BUT old Procyon which I have not used in a month of Sundays still lives and works fine!

    I notice that the list of onboard sessions is pretty general and ony some of the sessions have any frequency details at all. Is there documentation with more details about the sessions?

    Thanks for any info.

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    Default Re: [SEEKING] Frequencies detail for stock Procyon sessions


    That does sound like a bad week! I hope things get better.

    Here's a link to info about the Procyon sessions.

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    Default Re: [SEEKING] Frequencies detail for stock Procyon sessions

    Thanks, Andy! Exactly what I wanted. Yes, bad week. However, the ancient-but-mighty Procyon still lives!

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    Oh boy, that really is a bad week. Pesky cats hope you can get your frames sorted. I'd be lost without my AVE devices.
    Treat yourself to a Kasina and deep Vision goggles :-)
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