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Thread: Not sure what I should buy

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    Default Not sure what I should buy

    I want to buy a device that let's you edit your own sessions instead of only having a bunch of preset settings. I know that there is lots of editing software available, but I need to make absolutely certain that I have the right software for the right device.

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    Default Re: Not sure what I should buy

    Hi Dane;

    All 3 MindPlace AVS devices (Proteus, Procyon and Kasina) allow you to edit your own sessions. All 3 have Windows-based editors available for free. The Kasina also has a Mac Editor.
    The big difference between them is colors and session formats that they can play. The Kasina also adds a bunch of other features, like built-in music player, micro-SD card slot, color screen, USB audio support, rechargable battery, and lots more.

    This product comparison chart may help you see the differences.

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