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Thread: Gamma and Alzheimer’s research

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    I saw an interesting article that might be of interest to others here; there is research being done on treating Alzheimer’s with entrainment in the gamma range:

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    Thanks for posting this... yes, that gamma study has provoked a lot of interest from our users. There is a gamma session I made for the Kasina available from our soundcould website, if you'd like to play with it.



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    Robert, do those Kasina Gamma sessions work with the Procyon using the audio passthrough cable?

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    The SpectraStrobe sessions should work on the Procyon, as the three color channels are all set to the same brightness and frequency. Let us know how that works for you!

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    Thank you for the article, I have read many times about the need to synchronize electrical processes in the brain to treat this disease. This is a wonderful perspective.

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