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    Good Day Everyone!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm alive and kicking after a few years away from the forum. I hope everyone is doing well. I decided to open up the VBA code (password is emc213, so that anyone with an interest in development can learn and maybe even enhance what was begun in 2011. Just hit Alt+F11 when in the workbook to view the code behind the scenes.

    Also if anyone is interested in developing mobile apps, please see my website below for links to excellent software and training videos (free and done by yours truly).

    Enjoy !

    Best Regards,

    Mark D. Turney

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    Mark D. Turney
    Developer of Visual Segment Designer
    Ocala, FL, USA

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    Default Re: VSD Developer Update

    Welcome Back, Mark!

    That's very kind of you. Your spreadsheet was a pretty amazing accomplishment, and extremely handy for Procyon session programmers.

    Thank you very much. I like what you're doing with the software on your links, I'll check it out further.



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    Thanks Andy and good to hear from you as well.
    Mark D. Turney
    Developer of Visual Segment Designer
    Ocala, FL, USA

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