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Thread: The Death of transparentcorp and MWS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obi-Wan View Post
    Welll I've been up to my ears in alligators for several & hadn't tried to use NP3 for a while. Now discovered this mess.

    So is it still possible somehow to get this extinct beast (NP3) rescucitated & functioning?
    I saw only links to MWS
    It's all in this thread, but I'll save you some time...

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    Andy, I second that. In fact, had some emails back and forth with Adam H, where he sent me a purchase form, and then months later strangely went back on his promise, and said he wouldnt... My background is that a friend and I used it years back to some very healing benefits, and I have a very tough case where I am coming recovering from head trauma, and NP3 had been one of the only effective things for me. Since Adam seems to have fully abandoned it, I am for working with people who can help with this situation. Those who have a full version still running please message me .... Healing should take precedence!

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    Default community members who have NP3 running .... please come together ... an appeal

    Please message me your contact email if you have a running version of NP3......... I can offer you payment for use.

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    Do a search you can find cracks online for reactivation keys. And complete versions of NP3. Normally I wouldn't advise this but this is a specific situation. Im still using NP2 pro. On windows 7. I never found the need to upgrade as NP2 is so good anyway. I absolutely love windows 7 and am gutted at the support ending in Jan 2020. My Dell Vostro still works like new and will have to buy a new machine and probably switch between them. I have quite a lot of old programs I still use that won't operate on Windows 10. Eventually I will install virtual box. Ive not tried any of the cracks for reactivation etc because up until now I don't need to. But will have to when time comes.

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