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Thread: The Death of transparentcorp and MWS

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    That's what happened to me...the Windows 10 update from hell. Wiped out NP3, MWS and about 600 dollars worth of other programs. I'd change to Apple but I'm not convinced they are any better.
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    Auth server for MWS is offline as stated in this forum and facebook group is no longer offering keys. Win10 install failed, w7 vm works fine with trial only.
    Is part of the class action lawsuit to keep providing auth server hosting for existing customers to unlock their purchased software?
    If not, can transparent provide under NDA per-user the unlocked executable for customers that can produce a receipt - even if the application is no longer supported?

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    There is no lawsuit, AFAIK. Check the Facebook page to confirm.
    Transparent is gone. Time to move on.
    Some of us have switched to Reaper with the awesome Cymatic plugins and are having some great results so far.

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