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Thread: Export session as structured text for programmatic access?

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    Default Export session as structured text for programmatic access?


    I've been using the Procyon for years and love it and am getting a Kasina tomorrow.

    As a software developer it'd be awesome if there was some way to export Procyon and/or Kasina sessions as structured text so that code can be written to create, manipulate, visualize, etc sessions?
    (i.e. at least for Procyon it looks like the *.PRw files are some kind of binary data that can't be directly manipulated outside of the windows editor)

    Or an API library or something, basically anything that would allow playing with sessions via javascript or some other language?

    And of course I'd contribute anything I create back to the community.


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    Default Re: Export session as structured text for programmatic access?

    Hello and Welcome!

    I have the file formats and I'll just check with MP if they are proprietary or not. Send me a PM with your e-mail address.

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