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Thread: Kasina Ganzframes Not Working At All

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    Default Kasina Ganzframes Not Working At All

    Hi Folks:

    Needing your assistance on troubleshooting. I have had my Kasina for 7 months now, and as of last night my standard stock ganzframes stopped working.

    I plug them in, and when starting any session there is no functioning lights whatsoever. Not sure whats going on, and I've also tried turning the Kasina off and back on. Still nothing, not even a flicker. The system nor the frames have never been mishandled, and quite surprised this is happening so soon on the product since purchasing. Could it be that the lights are burnt out??

    Your help would be greatly appreciated! I use the Kasina on a daily basis, and hope to get back to using soon.

    Thanks and blessings to all!

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    Default Re: Kasina Ganzframes Not Working At All

    Here's some possibilities...

    1. Brightness is turned down - use the controls on the side to adjust
    2. Ganzframes are in the wrong socket - check that they are in the correct jack
    3. Factory reset is needed - Power-off the Kasina if you have it currently powered on.
      Next, press and hold both the brightness down (-) and volume down (-) buttons at the same time, while powering on the Kasina.
      If you did this correctly, you will see a text box on the screen that says:

      PLEASE WAIT...

    If none of those things fix the problem, please click on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page and I'll help you get this resolved.

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    Default Re: Kasina Ganzframes Not Working At All


    Thank you so much! Problem solved!


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