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Thread: ENKIDU files for the KASINA AMAZING!!!

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    These are AMAZING on my new Kasina. Would it be best to use the Color Organ for these? Or certain Color Sets? It seems that with Color Sets #1-7 and 10-16, the left eye often tends to be much brighter than the right. Thank you for your help, and for an awesome machine.

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    My understanding is that these are AudioStrobe (AS) files. Use the AS mode to play them. Use whichever colorset you find the most pleasing.
    Here's some info on ColorSets.

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    Thank you, Andy. "For the most accurate 'as programmed' AudioStrobe display, you will want to use ColorSet 8.R/G. Almost all AudioStrobe systems use Red and Green LEDs and the pan position controls which color is shown and its intensity. ColorSet 8 reproduces this." That is exactly what I needed to read!!!

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    Is there an updated link to download Enkidu files ?
    Some are missing and can't be downloaded on SoundCloud.

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