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Thread: Sleep promoting sessions have blue light

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    Default Sleep promoting sessions have blue light

    I noticed many of the sessions meant for sleep actually have blue lights, or results with eyes closed are blue. I have read, also here: that it is bad for sleep in general to expose with blue light.

    Also, many sessions are very bright. That may be good to build up the serotonin that becomes melatonin. Or is it not sufficient, will only the sun create enough?

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    Default Re: Sleep promoting sessions have blue light

    You can adjust the brightness using the controls on the Kasina to achieve a comfortable intensity. It's different for everyone.

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    Default Re: Sleep promoting sessions have blue light

    Firstly, thanks for reading my review at healingwellbeing. Here I will try to answer your questions and I hope I can help a bit...

    As well as altering the brightness you can selectively reduce or eliminate the blue light. Under Settings / Visuals you can set the colour balance for each eye. So you can turn the blue down from 100% to 0% for each eye and even the green as well if you choose, leaving just red light. Or you can play around and maybe set the green to 50%, but I recommend turning off the blue for night viewing so that your melatonin isn't affected. Remember to turn the colour levels all back up to 100% for daytime use though if you want to get the full range of colours for maximum effect. Of course, many of the sessions are programmed with the use of blue lights, so turning them off can affect the effectiveness of the brainwave entrainment to varying degrees, but at least then you avoid the melatonin reducing effects.

    Regarding the build up of seratonin from bright lights, sunlight is the best way to boost seratonin and only during daylight hours (of course, there's no sun at night and neither should you use bright lights at night). In general, artificial lights aren't sufficiently bright to boost seratonin, though I believe that the bright Kasina lights right in front of the eyes can, so perhaps you can try this on dull, cloudy days. Bright lights during night time actually reduce seratonin and melatonin.

    Like you, I have also experienced the sensation of blue lights when my eyes are closed even when there are no actual blue lights. In that case I don't think melatonin should be affected.

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    Default Re: Sleep promoting sessions have blue light

    Thanks. good ideas. And I have read that bright daylight can also help creating seretonin at the end of the day. My point is that those who design the night sessions might have to be aware of not having that blue tint to them.

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    I just got my Kasina yesterday (loving it!), and had this same thought as I was exploring it last night. I do have to say, I was asleep shortly into "Submerge - level 1" without issues. I did wake up a little while later worried that some things in the room were not waterproof though lol, but fell right back asleep.

    I had found a suggestion by Robert Austin on a previous post to
    run the Sleep Cycle session in the AudioStrobe folder, and set the ColorSets to either red and green, or red only
    I haven't tried this yet, but it does sound like a good experiment to try if blue light is a concern.
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    Default Re: Sleep promoting sessions have blue light

    Thanks. Worth trying to tweak it like that.

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