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    I currently have an older Innerpulse machine and I am looking to upgrade, and this Kasina machine is a top contender. I do have a few questions though..

    I was reading that this Ganzfeld isnt strobe so producing a fun kaleidoscope effect isnt possible. Is this true and if so, is there an program in the Kasina to do that?

    The other question I have is can it function to produce a specific brainwave entrainment, like gamma for sustained periods?

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    Welcome Raevyn!

    The Kasina can produce Ganzfeld and strobe effects, so no problem there.
    It is capable of producing any sort of brainwave entrainment you desire. If the factory programs don't have the frequencies you're looking for, you can easily use the free KBS editor to create your own!

    Have a look on the Kasina Support page, which has the manual, session descriptions and also if you go to the Editor page, it has videos showing how to create your own sessions using the Editor!

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    Oh nice thank you

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