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Thread: Kasina, blue light and insomnia

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    Cool Kasina, blue light and insomnia

    Hi all,
    I've not been about for ages but have quick query.
    Does my Kasina put out blue light in the sleep progs? I did a quick search and found a thread but it's a few years old. Basically, I suffer from quite bad insomina due to my fibro / sleep apnoea.
    I was wondering what's best to use?

    Should I use a long session from the Sirius sessions or should I try to make up for lack of sleep (therefore lack of deep brainwave healing patterns) by using a long deep relaxation during the day? I think my brain is over stimulated. I do the wrong things at times when I cannot sleep, by watching or listening to you tube but I use orange glasses to cut out the blue light. I am taking Melatonin prescribed by my GP and going to start HTTP too.

    I feel exhausted and finding weight loss difficult too, due I am sure to hormonal imbalance due to lack of deep restorative sleep. I have the ganzfield goggles too BTW.
    Any suggestions gratefully received.

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    Some sleep sessions may include blue light. If you would like to eliminate the blue, you can go into Settings/Visuals/Color Balance and reduce the Blue Left and Blue Right Settings, or set them all the way to 0.
    Remember when you've changed a setting to press the center button to save the setting. Pressing the left button will take you out of that setting and not save it.

    Let us know if that helps!

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    Default Re: Kasina, blue light and insomnia

    hello, did you guys ever considered using MMJ or CBD oils, Compounds in marijuana naturally relax your mind and body. The best weed for insomnia typically contains a high level of CBD. Research shows that marijuana can decrease the time it takes to fall asleep. It can also improve “deep wave” sleep cycles where we get the most rest. Trying medical marijuana strains like for insomnia can help restore your natural brain chemistry. This may get you into a new routine, where falling asleep comes more easily. Just sharing have a nice day.

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    Recent studies at Northwestern University found that listening to very slow delta and sub-delta entrainment using 3-D sound modulation throughout the night can lead to more deep, restorative sleep. This is the basis of the sleep sessions uses The problem is that headphones must be used to get the full effect. "Sleep Phones" which are sport headphones that are thin speakers positioned inside a headband are needed. I would recommend taking advantage of their free 5 session trial and try it out.

    As far as light flashing goes, I just put the glasses on the nightstand on full intensity. I can stare at the lights as I drift off to sleep, or just let them cast an ambient light in the otherwise dark room.

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