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    Hello, I am a student at Florida Gulf Coast University, working in a research lab using the Procyon AVS Audio Visual Synthesizer as our unconditioned stimulus to entrain participants to an increased level of alpha frequency. We have used this product for our pilot study, with successful results, and now wish to use it in the full study. I am reaching out to any researcher that has also used the Procyon for experimentation on human participants or if they can refer me to anyone else using this product in the research field. Ultimately, we are looking for a smooth transition through the IRB process so we may begin our study. Any previous methods for using this product by other researchers that have gotten IRB approval would be very beneficial and help progress our research in this field.

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    Greetings--sorry to have missed this message... we do know someone at the U Washington who has published research on the effect of the Procyon on insomnia in older people. If you contact me directly, I can put you in touch.



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