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Thread: Possible idea re using 3 senses

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    I have also been using essential oils, mostly in an attempt to lose weight(not too successful, though(I think) some oils seem to reduce fat-layers if massaged with vegetable-oils into the skin. Anyway, I read the following article about reducing stress-levels in the body using light and smell, as opposed to light and sound:-

    Not sure how exactly smell could be used to enhance the brainwaves in a properly scientific way, but it makes sense to use as many senses as possible to affect the brain. For example, there was a recent craze in the media about people offering hugs in bed for cash per hour, given the scientific evidence that touch in the form of hugging can benefit the brain:-

    I realise it is somewhat unrealistic to expect a future Kasina using all 5 senses to affect one's brainwave patterns(!), but I am experimenting with essential oils like lavender in order to promote relaxation etc.It might be useful.

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    Thanks for posting these links, and please do share with us the results of any experimentation you are doing with this combination!



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