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    I am wondering if any of the sessions in kasina use different frequencies for each ear. I also looked at the sirius sessions and it doesn't specify different frequencies for each ear so I am assuming its the same for both ears


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    Only the developers can tell for sure, but I am pretty confident that they use the same frequency for each ear. If you wanted different stimulation for left/right hemisphere, you would run into trouble with the visual input... it wouldn't suffice to feed different frequency to the left vs. right eye as each single eye feeds BOTH hemispheres. You would need to separate the left and right visual FIELD of EACH eye which is not possible with the Kasina glasses. As such, it wouldn't make sense to feed different frequencies to the ears as you wouldn't be able to keep the entrainment in sync with the visual stimulation.

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    There was one session in the guide called Relax, under Meditation that says it stimulates the sides slightly differently. so is that the only session that does different frequencies for each ear?

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    The manual states:
    "From an alert 13 Hz this session steps down to a calm 10 Hz. Left and right sides are stimulated at slightly different frequencies to help the mind let go of nuisance thoughts."

    So this is not comparable to the mood-boosting sessions that might provide Alpha to the left ear / visual field to calm the right hemisphere while providing Beta to the right ear / visual field to activate the left hemisphere. This KASINA Relax session seems more like an experimental session to me - I am not aware of corroborating research for "slightly different frequencies" - but for most of this stuff, "results may vary" ;-) so try it out and see how it feels.

    If they actually did stimulate both hemispheres with distinctly different frequency bands, you shouldn't use the Kasina glasses as they are not designed to stimulate left and right visual field with different frequencies... it would result in an entrainment mess. And as visual entrainment typically has a stronger effect than auditory entrainment, you would probably override any distinctive effect the auditory channels might have had.

    On a slightly bizarre note, ice water might work ;-)

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