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Thread: Compatible glasses for Kasina?

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    I bought back in november the DAVID delight. I decided to return it because I liked the Transparent and Kasina bundle I saw online. The DAVID didn't have gamma sessions, which I didn't know existed when I was shopping around. Anyways, there are certain things about the Kasina which I think are tacky and frankly disappointing because it was more expensive than the Delight. One thing I noticed is that I think the Delight glasses caused me to feel more joyful. I wanted to try AVE because I read its good for those with seasonal affective disorder. I have been keeping track of my use of both Delight and Kasina and I used Delight for 2 weeks so I don't think it was a placebo thing or just short term effect. My joy was increasing incrementally. The kasina glasses are average. They don't give me joy but my mood hasn't worsened. What I do like about the Kasina is that I can transfer over the Transparent files. I bought the Delight Pro and only had 25 sessions but I liked that I have so much variety, although disappointed Kasina has nothing for healing

    I am wondering if anyone knows if I can use DAVID glasses or other glasses besides the Deep Vision and regular Kasina glasses? I saw a pair similar to the DAVID glasses on Photosonix so I wonder if they use the same technology as the name are similar. I ordered the Deep Vision so will get it in the mail this week but I am starting to think that using strictly white LEDs probably make for a superior experience, instead of mixing colours to produce white. I contacted the DAVID people and they said the glasses were specifically designed for their device and that they cannot guarantee it working on other devices. I'm going to see how the DV works but I don't really want to get a 2nd AVE device. I am a student so money is an issue.

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    Hello, DrSpock - thanks for your comments. As we are based in the USA, we cannot make medical claims without approval by the FDA, while apparently in Canada, the maker of the DAVID devices can make such claims without making a major investment. Our systems have been used in multiple studies of several health related potential treatments, but we just can't tell you about them, without the possibility of FDA reprisal.

    The effects of AVS vary from person to person, and from system to system. I hope you will find some Kasina programs which help make you feel more joyful, and we hope that the DeepVision ganzwear will help.

    It could be possible that glasses from other manufacturers might work with our products, but we have not evaluated that possibility. And white light glasses, if they worked at all, would likely respond to just one of the three primary colors that the Kasina uses. The DeepVision ganzfeld lens should properly mix to white, with a slight reddish tinge which you can eliminate by visiting Settings, and setting red brightness max. to about 90.


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    The DAVID Omniscreens do work with the Kasina, but as you are probably aware you will be limited to 2 channel sessions, such as AudioStrobe, as the Omniscreens are 2 channel glasses, so won't work properly with the 6 channel SpectraStrobe session capabilities. Having tested them myself they will work in both AS mode ColorSet 3:RG-L/R and ColorSet 8:R/G, but with a slight difference. In ColorSet 3 mode the session will be in constant focus mode, even if the session changes to expand mode sometime during the session, whereas in ColorSet 8 mode they will follow the fluctuations between focus and expand mode, should a session do that, so will be true to the session properties. Based on how the Omniscreens are designed the expand mode will be different to the Kasina glasses though, which expand from side to side (ping-pong effect), whereas the Omniscreens will ping-pong from side to side within each eye as the 2 channels go to both the left and right eye. You will also need a 2.5mm to 3.5mm 2 channel adapter as the Omniscreens use a 2.5mm plug.

    Having used both types of glasses the effect feels a little different in-session, but after effects there is no difference (at least for me) and both seem to work as well as each other. For me the Kasina glasses have the added advantage of producing spectacular light shows, which just isn't there on the Omniscreens. As Robert as stated above AVS effect varies from person to person, but one issue here may be the placement of the LEDS which are more spaced out on the Omniscreens, compared to the Kasina glasses which are more bunched together in the middle. For me I think that's why the effect feels different between the 2 glasses, in-session, although can't be 100% sure of that. Whether this is the issue for you IDK and hope you can appreciate I am guessing somewhat here.

    However, if it is what you are thinking and is down to the color white there are a few variants of white glasses out there from third-party sellers. I have a pair of super bright white glasses and also a pair of white UniStim glasses, both of which I have found also work very well with the Kasina, although these are also somewhat limited as they are 2 channel glasses and will only work properly in the modes mentioned above, in the same way as the Omniscreens. The UniStim glasses also have LEDs more spaced out like the Omniscreens and the added advantage of a switch on the glasses to switch between E-mode and H-mode so you can experience both types of expand mode mentioned above. You can find more details here (German):

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    I got my DV yesterday and so have used it yesterday and today. I think you make an interesting point about the placement of the LEDs and so I wonder if that is a factor. I find if the light is pulsating too fast, it really bugs me. I react that way if I am in a car and someone is accelerating too fast. With the Delight, that could be resolved with lowering the intensity. With the Kasina, I've had to lower it and most of the time I reduce the intensity to the first bar. I experience this discomfort more with the Kasina than the Delight. I used NP3 session Energize this morning and that flashes pretty fast but it didn't bother my eyes (used DV). I'm not sure though if that was one of the sessions that bugs my eyes with the regular glasses but certain sessions stress my eyes and I think it might have to do with the placement. The DV seems like a broader eye coverage so its less direct but with a broader coverage.

    The other thing that may have been a factor in the joyful feeling with the Delight glasses is that the audio with these devices has some sessions that send different frequencies to the left and right ear. I could not find in the Kasina guide if it sends different frequencies to each ear and maybe that is the difference?

    That joyful feeling was something experienced after a week so I'd like to see how the DV affects me after a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Austin View Post
    The DeepVision ganzfeld lens should properly mix to white, with a slight reddish tinge which you can eliminate by visiting Settings, and setting red brightness max. to about 90.

    I have it at 100, which I am guessing is the default. So I just need to reduce this to 90?

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