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Thread: Unsure about Proteus...not what I expected. Yikes!

  1. Default Unsure about Proteus...not what I expected. Yikes!

    I just received the Proteus today and I'm not sure if I did the right thing in buying it. Years ago my hypnotist used a light/sound machine on me and I loved it. The visor gave off a very multi colorful effect that seemed to undulate and fade in and out and gave me the most settled feeling. The Proteus (or is it me?) isn't doing what I thought it would, like the other one did. The red and green blinking is freaking me out. It makes me nervous......far from that lovely sinking in a sofa feeling I felt with the other machine. Am I doing something wrong? The directions, website, tutorials are confusing. I was aware of the binaural beats, etc, but I also expected chants or streams, lol. I feel stupid posting, but I really think I may have made the wrong purchase. Is there a way to download relaxing sounds and music to this thing?

    I purchased it for chronic pain, lupus, insomnia, anxiety. Any input is much appreciated!


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    Default Re: Unsure about Proteus...not what I expected. Yikes!

    Hello and Welcome!

    It sounds like you would be better off with the Kasina. It has nice soothing music and sounds to go along with the Brain Entrainment. If you're within 30 days you can probably return it and upgrade.

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