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Thread: 40Hz gamma Blue LED sessions for Alzheimers?

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    The exciting bit is that gamma oscillations might be therapeutic. The brain has some natural states in which these can be induced, including movement and exercise. The current research suggests that the light is only affecting visual cortex in the environmental lighting paradigm. Of course, the earlier comments are correct also that humans might react differently and not entrain gamma oscillations (even in visual cortex) through gamma light flickering.

    Alzheimer's disease lacks effective therapy, therefore it's reasonable that people are seeking low-risk alternatives and willing to "take a shot" on coconut oil or gamma light therapy. One of the easiest ways to try this out is to follow this tutorial How to Build a Gamma 40 Hz LED Dimmer.

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    Hello, all--I've uploaded a Kasina SpectraStrobe 40 Hz, 20 minute session to our soundcloud account: No audio entrainment as I find that irritating at higher frequencies. This is a plain vanilla session with an ambient background, courtesy Mind Workstation. I will most likely work as well on AudioStrobe decoders, in case you don't have a Kasina.



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    Hi Robert,

    Do you talk about "SS Gamma with ambience" ?

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