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Thread: My Kasina Product Demo/Review

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    Here is my Review for The Kasina and GanzFrames- 5 out 5 I love it.

    In my searches on Youtube I never really get to see many video reviews of this product. So I decided
    to do a review myself explaining The Kasina plus The Ganzframes as well. I am new to this board and
    hey there everyone! I loved Brainwave Entertainment since I had The Sirius back in 2009.
    I needed a
    big upgrade and saw The Kasina was my best bet. So many improvements and The Ganzframes are
    amazing, I use it daily after work and it helps center my mind and have myself in a calm state.
    I am less irritable and more positive. I believe the device has somewhat of a psychological effect-
    even if it's temporary. It just feels and sounds nice- where I deal with stress job and other things, it
    feels like I have my own private calm space where I can see cool patterns and such.

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    Good on you for making this video - its a hard topic to talk about face to a camera and you've given an honest and direct impression of how it works and what it does for you. There are very few videos like this around. Very good video production too . Its reminded me I need to get my hands on some of those Deep Vision goggles !

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    Hey thanks that's the reason why I made this video because there are very few videos out there really discussing or telling in a laymen term type way what it's all about. Cause sometimes it gets to technical for
    a beginner who has no idea what binaural beats or light therapy is in general. I wanted to be honest on what it does for me in general cause everyone has a different experience. I find that wearing it before bed and
    feeling objects like a soft ball, a toy to play with, a rubix cube or a Mr.Potato Head to get my mind off the device while wearing it actually creates better visuals, because my mind is more focused on something else such
    as feeling an object then trying to "see" something and focusing too much on wanting to see something. But that's me.

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    I enjoyed your product review. Thanks for posting. I look forward to trying the Kasina out when it arrives.

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