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Thread: Brain Mapping the Effects of LSD

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    Default Brain Mapping the Effects of LSD

    Here is a recent high resolution brain mapping of the effects of the psychedelic drug LSD on test subjects.

    From original article:
    Using three different brain imaging techniques, named arterial spin labelling, resting state MRI and magnetoencephalography, the scientists measured blood flow, functional connections within and between brain networks, and brainwaves in the volunteers on and off the drug.

    The brain scans revealed that trippers experienced images through information drawn from many parts of their brains, and not just the visual cortex at the back of the head that normally processes visual information. Under the drug, regions once segregated spoke to one another.
    Further images showed that other brain regions that usually form a network became more separated in a change that accompanied users? feelings of oneness with the world, a loss of personal identity called ?ego dissolution?.

    David Nutt, the government?s former drugs advisor, professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, and senior researcher on the study, said neuroscientists had waited 50 years for this moment. ?This is to neuroscience what the Higgs boson was to particle physics,? he said. ?We didn?t know how these profound effects were produced. It was too difficult to do. Scientists were either scared or couldn?t be bothered to overcome the enormous hurdles to get this done.?

    Full text of the writeup available here:
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    Thanks for making us aware of this research!

    I found this quote interesting as it builds a bridge to potential therapeutic benefits in the future:
    " evidence supporting the therapeutic potential of psychedelics mounts (6, 44⇓–46), so does our need to better understand how these drugs work on the brain. In many psychiatric disorders, the brain may be viewed as having become entrenched in pathology, such that core behaviors become automated and rigid. Consistent with their “entropic” effect on cortical activity (17), psychedelics may work to break down such disorders by dismantling the patterns of activity on which they rest."

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    Default Re: Brain Mapping the Effects of LSD

    Brings to mind references to endogenous DMT (fact) produced naturally in the pineal gland (theory). But lets assume its a theory that's been proven...
    A) mystics have visions that they claim are more real than their normal sensory perception
    B) some DMT imbibers say their perceptions seem incredibly real

    In 2006 in Oklahoma (of all places) a young Hindu swami volunteered to be tested, the interest being he was considered "enlightened" which would make him a more interesting test subject than those tested by Newberg/Walden or Persinger/Murphy and possibly even yourself/ourselves with whatever interesting gadgetry you/we've used. And he sure was. So interesting in fact that several other groups lined up to test him, which was great as cross-validation makes it more believable . In keeping with this threads theme I'll extract two points.
    Copy/Paste from the summary page:
    "The results of the PET scan tests were stunning. To begin with, the activity in the frontal lobes of Swami?s brain were significantly heightened, even in early meditation stages. The level of activity was higher than would be seen in the average human brain under any conditions. When we then asked Swami to go into the deepest meditation state, there were two more remarkable findings. First, the dominant hemisphere of Swami?s brain was more than 90 percent shut down. It was as if Swami?s brain had packed up and gone on vacation. It was quiet and still, completely at peace ? and Swami had made it so at will. A second amazing aspect of Swami?s deep meditation was that the lower portion of his mesial frontal areas lighted up in a very significant way. This area roughly corresponds to the reputed location of the mystical "Third Eye."When we later asked Swami what he was doing when the mesial frontal areas lighted up, he said he was opening his third eye."

    I find this relevant because this swami's bio has him stating he has had many mystical visions, all being of the Hindu pantheon of Deities. It appeared he really, really enjoyed these experiences. Its possible that these experience may have been the result of endogenous pineal gland DMT release. Of course, for that to happen he would have to have:
    A) produced enough endogenous DMT to overcome the neutralizing effects of endogenous MAO (oddly, both dmt and monoamine oxidase are often present in our bodies in minute amounts, the monoamine oxidase instantly neutralizing dmt effects; mao does other things besides zapping dmt)
    B) as most of his brain shuts down in samadhi its possible he temporarily doesn't produce enough MAO to neutralize any amount of endogenous dmt
    C) as a Hindu Yogi his normal diet may include foods and/or herbs that inhibit the normal release of MAO
    I know "C" is true - you can search the internet for MAOi (not to be confused with the horrendous MAOi's sold by the pharmaceutical industry) - and I strongly suspect "A and B" are also true.
    Before you stock up on natural MAOi's and start hours of meditation, one more thing to know. Its the type of meditation he did - its got the exotic name of "kundalini shakti". How does one get the energy to light up the pineal (and a few other things but I have to limit how long this post is)?
    Second copy/paste:
    "Mitochondria are the energy powerhouses of the human cell. Mitochondrial activity in the cell is a precise indicator of the individual?s metabolism rate and energy levels....were subjected to a well-known protocol called MTT Assay for assessment of cellular energy levels. 100% of participants of this particular study recorded a drastic increase in energy levels, averaging 967%. Such an increase is clearly impossible through any other known means such as exercise, yoga or fitness training, which can affect a maximum of 40% increase in cellular energy....QEEG studies were used to determine the participant?s brain activity after they received kundalini initiation revealed an astonishing picture of peak awareness coupled with total relaxation ? a state which is startlingly similar to Samadhi (the enlightened state) as described in traditional yogic texts."

    In other words, the good news is that is that this kundalini shakti is remarkably similar to "mitochondrial biogenesis". If you internet search that you'll get a few different opinions on what that is, but its basically a combo of supplements, hi-intensity / short-duration exercise, and common sense avoidance of bad food habits.

    - anyone in decent health can start a mitochondrial bio-genesis protocol (three to six months depending on age / health for noticeable results)
    - anyone can learn about natural MAO inhibitors
    - a few nice AVS theta / gamma sessions...
    and your endogenous DMT is good to go!
    Yuri Shramenko

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