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Thread: Trying to find the coolest shows and Mega DIY stuff

  1. Default Trying to find the coolest shows and Mega DIY stuff

    Greetings space travelers,

    So Ive been using my kasina for maybe two months now. Ive been bouncing around trying to find the most colorful shows for personal enjoyment. The mind art section is what Ive been focusing on. Ive tried them all and theres a few that stand out for their color pallet. Ive downloaded a lot of shows off mindplace's soundcloud and Ive tried other peoples random shows. But Ive been finding with the custom shows its mostly white light... although the entrainment aspect works the entertainment aspect is kind of lacking in my opinion. Few shows manage to use fuchsia or sea foam and if they do its not for an extended period. Im curious why that is. Im on a mac and have no access to editing software which is kind of a huge bummer. The audacity edits seem extremely cumbersome and from my understanding produce white light shows with little variety, unless every show Ive tried just so happened to not be produced well. =/ the first time I used one show, spiral dreaming inspire off sound cloud I felt incredibly mentally nauseous and had to fall asleep and dreamt the weirdest dream. I used the show again, no sick feeling but fell asleep soon after and proceeded to have an ever weirder dream! The lack of color in shows has led to consider buying shows off the mindplace website but the device was already a pretty penny and Im on the fence about it. It would be super cool to have software that has on screen glasses display which mimics the exact colors youd be seeing. But Im not programer and I dont know how mind place the company functions as a unit.

    Now for the DIY
    I wanted to share the kasina experience with friends and found using the device is very alienating and requires you and only you to focus on the device. Which works fine I mean thats what people use it for but I wanted to have a more inclusive experience. My goal in mind was to have a group of people be able to meditate en mass, 10 or less, even more why not, starting small... With some help from the people over in Electric Lazy Land (burning man installation) I was able to play Kasina shows onto a 5 meter LED strip!! Ive gotten a group of 7 on the couch to hold the LED strip up to their face and experience effects! with a speaker playing entrancing(trance) music people were set loose into their minds. Although I had to pay for the device itself, the rgb amplifier and cables and strip I think sharing the technology will be worth it in the end. even just using the LED strip with your partner or friend is cool because one person isnt just waiting around for the show to finish. I plan on building a geodesic dome and creating a space at festivals for the people to come and meditate, enjoy and relax. This is why Im looking for more colorful shows.

    I hope people in the community can help contribute.

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    Default Re: Trying to find the coolest shows and Mega DIY stuff

    Hello and Welcome!

    For sessions tailored to your desires, it sounds like you would do well to start creating your own. It's true that the Transparent software is for Windows only ATM, but that shouldn't deter you. Get a used copy of Windows XP and install it with VirtualBox on your Mac. Or buy one of those sub-$100 notebook that come with Windows. Or find a used notebook for free. They're everywhere.

    Check out the other DIY projects on here, if you're handy with electronics.

    Let us know what you end up doing to enhance the Kasina experience!

    Hey, if someone makes a good post, don't forget to click at the bottom of their post to add to their reputation!

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    Default Re: Trying to find the coolest shows and Mega DIY stuff

    You might want to try Kasina's ColorOrgan. But not just with any music - just read thru this thread:
    You can "aux-in" right from YouTube etc, no need to download.
    Also - as you mentioned meditative (as opposed to the tracks in the above thread which are highly entertaining but not neccesarily meditative) I personally like the combinations of Indian tablas, sitar, vina, etc. Try this thru ColorOrgan:
    "Amazing Dance of Shiva":
    Also good for meditative sound/colors thru ColorOrgan are Tibetan Bowls, YouTube has a ton of 'em.

    Eventually you'll probably want NeuroProagrammer or Mind Workstation to build your own, but if you like the ColorOrgan I'd recommend the DeepVision frames first. Made a big diff for me.

    Yuri Shramenko

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    Default Re: Trying to find the coolest shows and Mega DIY stuff

    We do offer the off-the-shelf group lighting 'environmental lighting system':

    It's a bit expensive, but they are basically hand-made in small quantities in the Netherlands...

    Regarding software, the Kasina Basic Session Editor is available as a free Mac app, and we will soon release a significant update to its capabilities (for example, you can embed RGB values directly withing segments, bypassing the ColorSets).

    Thanks for sharing your LED-strip approach, and please keep us updated on your progress!


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