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    This session features gamma waves along with a fast-paced very colorful light show, both promoting a brain brightening effect. Additionally two audio methods are used for presenting gamma waves, reason being that some people find a steady stream of gamma beats to be excessively enervating.

    The first method uses lights and beats that ramp from 2 up into the gamma range in 12 seconds, then return - this loops for half the session. There's also a low volume deep bass drone useful for centering awareness, possibly even grounding the gamma effect. If anything, the light show is entertaining.
    The second method, starting at 12-1/2 min and continuing to the end, are gamma beats that "swoosh" from left to right every second. It makes gamma entrainment easier.
    If you have DeepVision frames or DIY open-eye frames I recommend watching the second half with half-closed eyes (or a little more) with your eyes focused between your eye brows.
    So the first half of this session is primarily brain-brightening getting you ready for gamma entrainment, the second half is the entrainment delivered in a more palatable way.

    Also included in the zip file is a document titled "Long-Term Meditators Self-Induce High-Amplitude Gamma Synchrony During Mental Practice". (University of Wisconsin and the Schechen Monastery, Kathmandu Nepal). A bit technical, you might want to start with the section titled "Discussion" on the next to last page, then backtrack if you want detail.
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    Thanks for posting. I will check it out.

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