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    This session features Harmonic Box audio, as developed by James Mann and described in his "Enlightened Mind 1" book. I'm enthusiastic about it, and while there doesn't appear to be any formal research validating specific benefits, its easy to try out and form your own opinion. Mind Workstation has the Harmonic Box as a preset, but I built it in NeuroProgrammer 3. (I own both and confirmed the audio is identical). I included the NP3 file in the downloadable zip so NP3 users can import it (note: you can't open it directly, in NP3 you need to "File...Import Session..." it). I did this as MWS is about $300 and NP3 is about $90 and there's no reason NP3 owners should be without this audio selection. Modding my session should let you build your own Harmonic Boxes.
    In brief, the Harmonic Box is four audio tones, two per channel (ear), with the tones/pitches related in a specific ratio. Sometimes called a Monaural per ear.
    (just key "James Mann + Harmonic Box" (without the quotes) into any search engine for more details; to avoid confusion note that Mann called tones "voices" (helluva kundalini awakening there); if you own MWS key "Harmonic Box" into its Help index)

    In the zip there's a file called "HarmonicBox.png" that has a diagram and narrative about it - its from Transparent's MindWorkstation Help File. In this session the tones used are: 120 - 128 - 136 - 144; 128-136 are in the right channel, 120-144 left. You might hear beats of 8, 16 , and harmonics, and its all good (IMO).
    The purpose of this session - after trying many different HB combo's over the years, this beat/tone combo seems to get me feeling great. Nothing special shows up on any emWave or GSR graph, but nothing beats feeling clear and happy. I originally used my personally designed HB's as audio-strobes fed into the Sirius model with closed-eye white frames. A little better with colors.

    Session Details
    - Can be used open or closed eye

    - Note: if using open-eye frames, after the 3 minute intro consider upping brightness to near max and use your open-eye frames closed eye. Nice light show.

    - as the audio is complex, I wouldn't add in music. I like a pink or brown noise background, or nature sounds; focusing on the beats is a good idea
    0 - 3 minutes: an 8-beat isochronic tone goes from right to left, then back again, complete cycle every 12 seconds. (MWS has a preset for this also) The lights move the opposite way. Some feel this facilitates hemispheric synchronization.
    4 - 27 minutes: Harmonic Box audio; the lights will alternate from 16 beats to 8 beats every few minutes, and they are square waves. I find that sine-wave lights with Harmonic Box audio tends to put people to sleep, so I opted for a livelier light show.
    28 - 30 minutes: the criss-cross audio intro is repeated, the lights are a green ganzfield.

    Suggestion - for a deep meditative or hypnagogic experience, try a Harmonic Box with tones of:
    128 - 132 - 136 - 140 with deep-blue sine-wave lights.
    ************************************************** ***********************
    (below is more info then you need, and not needed for using the session)
    About this sessions tonesFirstly, there isn't any research that conclusively correlates pitch to brain wave entrainment - then again, using Harmonic Box audio may not be about entrainment. Making people feel good may be enough.
    "128": People who use tuning forks in a non-musical way know all about 128 - for a general intro:
    (not sure what this means, but check this out:

    "Austrian philosopher and mystic Rudolf Steiner, whose cryptic passages included chestnuts like ?C = 128 Hz = Sun? or ?The fifth will lead to more subjective experiences?it will work like a magic wand, conjuring up the secrets of yonder tone world from unfathomed depths.? It was his spiritually bent teachings that instilled in Renold the near religious importance of C=256 Hz, A=432 Hz, and the primacy of the perfect fifth interval.")
    "136": has been called the earth frequency, and also called the frequency of the popular bija mantra "OM". though people who really like 432 offer counter opinions. If you google "frequency of OM" the first item is 432, then 432 with 136.1, then more 136.1's.
    "144": is the 12th fibonacci number and is also 12 squared (the intro criss-cross cycles of this session are 12 seconds in tribute); with the exceptions of fibonacci numbers 8 and 144 every Fibonacci number has a prime factor that is not a factor of any smaller Fibonacci number (8 is the primary beat frequency in this sessions harmonic box and of the lights). Christian mysticism references 144:
    As a daytrader, I and my trading buds make extensive use of Fib numbers and ratios, its uncanny.
    144 is the emergency number for animals in danger in the Netherlands; In Austria and Switzerland 144 is the emergency phone number for human medical emergencies; in Israel 144 is the phone number for directory assistance.
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