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    Hi, will the Kasina ColorOrgan feature work with music like this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabar View Post
    Hi, will the Kasina ColorOrgan feature work with music like this?

    OK, I've tested this myself and there is good news and bad news.

    The good news is the Kasina does a really great job with softer passages in music with ColorOrgan - with the Ganzframes.

    The bad news is that it does next to nothing with ColorTrack glasses. In fact, all music, whether copied to the SD card or AUX, is crap with the ColorTrack glasses.

    Very disappointed. The company claims Kasina works with all mind machine glasses. It does - barely. The results are so bad it might as well not work with other glasses.

    Build some new firmware to drive ColorTrack properly - or create your own "ColorTrack" glasses for the Kasina.

    (Just tried some sessions with Colortrack too, they are pathetic in the sessions)
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    Hi, Jabar--we don't claim that the Kasina works with Photosonix ColorTrack glasses. In fact, I thought those had opposite polarity from ours, so I'm surprised that they work at all.

    If I recall correctly, those glasses accept a single color channel per eye, like all mind machines prior to the release of the Proteus, and you can step through a series of other colors by pressing a button over and over. The Kasina is full RGB, with three color channels per eye, and 255 shades for each color, or millions of color combinations altogether. So I recommend that you keep your ColorTrack glasses for use with your Photosonix machine, and stick with the GanzFrames that came with your Kasina (or add our eyes open DeepVision glasses for an even more colorful experience).

    Thanks for choosing Kasina! :-)


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    OK, you recommend the "deep" glasses, but they're still inferior to ColorTrack. I want color changing glasses, period.

    Your "deep" glasses are the same, lame RGB BS. No advantage that I can see over the regular glasses. You're just trying to upsell me.

    I will now have to hire someone to finally get the right L/S music machine going. You big companies make me sick.

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    Default ColorOrgan question

    Quote Originally Posted by Jabar View Post
    The company claims Kasina works with all mind machine glasses
    What company? Where did you read that?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jabar View Post
    big companies make me sick.
    Me too. So glad MindPlace isn't one!

    You seem to be pretty angry and are lashing out at people that are just trying to help. So what is it that would make you happy?

    Hey, if someone makes a good post, don't forget to click at the bottom of their post to add to their reputation!

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    Jabar, the ColorTrack glasses are made by a different company, for a different purpose than our systems. The Kasina's ColorSets are similar in that you can step through a series of over a dozen color variations and color morphs, applied to either AudioStrobe encoded music, or to the Kasina Basic Sessions, such as the Sirius sessions included on the SD card. Since KBS uses just one color channel, like the Photosonix machines, this would probably come close to what you are apparently trying to accomplish by plugging your Photosonix ColorTrak glasses into your Kasina.

    Hey, Andy... we're bigger that that... two full time, three part time, and a handful of dedicated contractors and fellow travelers who we've been fortunate enough to have helped us and contributed their (and your...) considerable skill and creativity over the years! Which admittedly does make us 'larger' than Photosonix, Mind Gear, Mind Alive... :-)

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    Default Re: ColorOrgan question

    Kasina will work with the ColorTrack glasses as shown here: But only with ColorSet 8 R/G as shown in the video. This ColorSet activates the 'common cathode' bus on the Kasina wiring. That being said, a session would need to either be mirrored in both channels (not have a lot of 'stereo' light effects) or be a KBS file or be designed specifically for use with the glasses. I only wished to demonstrate that what was never possible before is possible now, which is use other vendors 'incompatible' glasses. Not create sales hype or mislead anyone into thinking that the Kasina was designed to do this. It was more of a happy accident, really.

    Again though, with RGB glasses any color is possible. With the eye open DV glasses any color is fully perceivable. It is nice that people can use existing hardware like ColorTrack glasses that they already have to a 'limited' extent, which I say in the video. However, it is a hack and to fully enjoy, you should take on the mentality of a hacker and not expect that the functionality is 'made to order'. If I gave that impression, it is my mistake.

    If you know something I don't, speak up! If maybe I know something you don't, ask away!

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    This in all honesty: mindplace is a rare company who prefers happy customers over money! There open spirit gives the customers the ability to ask any question, and the staff will answer in detail and in spirit.
    So it is a bit strange when people thinks otherwise. Just read this forum, and you will see that the staff is very intergrated in the forum. Even in private message, there will help you every way they can!
    They have made some amazing mind machines and the kasina is a product of a great and enthusiastic team!

    Sorry for my bad English, but I hope you get and understand my point.



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