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    After 6 minutes of mellow brain-tuning this session is rather intense, though visually appealing in a trippy sort of way. This was designed for open-eyes ganzframes (DeepVision specifically). If used with closed-eye frames just up the brightness dial to near max, it still works.

    first minute: amber sine waves, giving you time to settle in
    next 4 minutes: isochronic tones rapidly circling
    next minute: violet sine waves and simple tones, prep for next segment
    next ten minutes (approx): rapid rises and falls in beat frequency in both tones and square-wave lights. The first wave is simple, then its a brain healthy light show.
    next 1/2 minute: mellow slow green lights
    next 6 minutes: intense tone and color shifts in 2-1/2 second increments, visually very trippy - like fractals, mandalas, etc
    Last minute: gentle ramp down with mellow colors
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    Yuri Shramenko

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