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Thread: Chakra Tuneup short-version

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    Default Chakra Tuneup short-version

    Meant for Kasina's DeepVision frame - you can also mod your regular frames several ways. Simply wrap tissue paper (or tissue plus wax paper) around the eye frames. Some even try cutting table-tennis (ie ping pong) balls in half and cupping over eye. But Deepvision is excellent.

    Session Description
    - 3-1/2 min intro: 7hz beats; the lights are purposefully set to Square Wave with full intensity; a refreshing, but not too relaxing, intro.
    Then a quick ramp-down to:
    - just over a minute for each chakra
    --- specific ganzfield color per chakra
    --- Jonathan Goldman's Chakra Tuneup timed to the ganzfield colors

    Note: this is the 7-1/2 min freeware version of his hour-plus long chakra tuneup. He doesn't sell it and gives it for free on his website and its also available on his YouTube channel.
    His website:
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    Yuri Shramenko

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    Thanks for Posting this

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