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Thread: What's the easiest way to do a theta-wave driven session?

  1. Default What's the easiest way to do a theta-wave driven session?

    Hi all,

    I read a lot in the literature about the potential of leveraging theta states for suggestions and rescripting. My intention would be to leverage AVS to help me enter theta, but I'd like to combine it with neuro-feedback so that the suggestions would only be delivered once I'm in theta.

    Is there a way to do this using the Neurosky Mindwave and MWS? Sceptical about the Mindwave as it can only connect to FP1/2 - not sure that would be a suitable spot. Also, which version of MWS would allow this specific protocol, i.e. monitoring EEG and initiating a specific section of suggestions once theta is reached?

    Interested in your experiences in this area :-)
    Thank you and best regards
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