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Thread: Stimulation of Pineal Gland

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    Hi Rob
    I would love to hear about your experiences with sleep paralysesi once joined a forum about it briefly but everyone was so scared and they mostly accepted the scientific blurb but remained powerless and terrified so I left
    You can contact me privately if you would rather
    I never took Yuris disclaimers seriously
    I thought they were in jest btw
    I hope the baby settles down
    Life is but a dream

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    Default Re: Stimulation of Pineal Gland

    Personally, I think this is a serious topic that is worthy of discussion. I just particularly wanted to know from which angle to address it as I have looked at all sides. I have been around the circle from full-on initiated mysticism to scholarly research hobbyist. Both the artistic and logical sides, and the ability to inwardly debate while maintaining balance is one of my cherished character traits.

    The fact is that we would like to find 'a seat of the soul', a physical correlate. Something we could 'activate' or 'exercise'. Then a plan could be set forth and followed diligently. Once you have been around the block a few times though you realize it is really the blind leading the blind... and for profit or power. That part sickens me. I am not, and I never going to be that 'guru' type.

    So, know that I am doing more research on this, assessing what I know, or thought I knew and reconsidering how I feel about it today.

    The pineal gland is a most fascinating organ, mainly vestigial but deeply tied with our sleep cycles, hormone system, potential endogenous hallucinogen production, etc. The Wikipedia article I sent covers all of this. It is a really good read with many of the key 'mysteries' and also the current knowns addressed.

    Thank you for bringing this up and I plan a more detailed answer.

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    Default Re: Stimulation of Pineal Gland

    I agree, Scott, it's a great topic. My apologies for misreading the tone.

    As you were! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yurips View Post

    You can download it here ( ) and either:
    - import it into your Kasina or...
    - use a usb cable to play it from the device you downloaded to
    Note that this is not a ColorOrgan track, its SpectraScope.

    Session Details
    Length is 21-min
    first 6 minutes are pitch of 936 with beat of 12;
    next one minute is a ramp-down to 6 beats with a pitch of 221; the lights will morph into a solid non-blinking indigo (a ganzfield);
    this stays the same for about 13 minutes;
    then it ramps up to the starting beats/pitch/lights;
    beats are isochronic ---- lights are sine-waves.

    If you have any better ideas for an experimental session, let me know. Also, you may already know about this similar Kasina session:
    Hi Yuri,
    I downloaded it onto my Kasina and tried it last night. I remembered to put it into spectra scope.
    You say it has no 'wow' factor but I felt it had! All the way down it had beautiful colours, incredible intrusions of fractals and kaleidoscope in pinks, purples and pale blue I think. Anyway, it was spellbinding.

    Once it settled it was more or less stable as expected. then ramping up a repeat. I think I lost the place somewhere as seem to suddenly just become aware again when the lights changed so will def be using it again.

    Now, as for the colour organ....excuse me if I am not catching on properly folks, I do my best
    I downloaded two meditations onto the Kasina under colour organ but it was not a success as not enough stimulus to engage the lights.
    Is there any way round that or should i keep colour organ for music with a lot of beats?
    Life is but a dream

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    Default Re: Stimulation of Pineal Gland

    I cannot seem to get this session downloaded:
    When I download the zip and attempt to extract it I get the error "It does not appear to be a valid archive"

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