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Thread: Combining Procyon techniqe with 8-Coil-Shakti technique

  1. Default Combining Procyon techniqe with 8-Coil-Shakti technique

    I'm a great fan of the procyon but also trying a different technical mind thing, which is called 8-coil-shakti (by Persinger/Murphy), where your brain gets stimulated by 8 magnetic coils (magnetic fields not emf). To try to induce lucid dreams I programmed on the procyon a sequence which sends through the audio-out a 40Hz square signal, every 30 minutes, for 1 minute. The sequence can start after 1 hour, 2,3 or 4 hours. Instead of connecting a headphone to the output of my procyon, I plugged in 2 magnetic coils of the shakti and connected them to a headband over my frontal lobes. During the active part of the sequence, the blue l.e.d. of my procyon is also blinking with 4Hz to induce l.d. via light signals.

    After the first 3 nights I can say that I had no lucid dreams, but a better dream-recall than usual.
    For the next step of my experiments I programmed an eeg hippocampus-signal on the procyon (a single square followed by 0.7 seconds silence and four squares (26,3Hz) followed by 4 seconds silence). After my shakti-sessions with that signal-type I had regulary lucid dreams (only the nights after the sessions). The scheme is the same. After 1-4 hours silence the sequence begins. 1 minute signal - 30 minutes break. Further reports will take some time, cause I will not do that every night (for safety).

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    The experiment went wrong. Maybe I put the headband upside down on my head or the position of the coils were wrong? I woke up during the night feeling nervous and excited. While I tried to calm down the signal starts again and then I regognized where the uncomfortable feeling came from. I dropped the headband and everything went fine. Have to be more carfull. Never put the coils on the wrong side of the head

    From the shakti manual:

    "Each signal speaks a language that only one brain structure understands. So only the one brain part responds. It communicates with other parts, of course, and they, in turn, also start responding. You have two of each of these structures - one on each side of the brain. Shakti is applied using the structures own signal, but only over the side of the head where it supports something positive, or over both sodes equally. For the amygdala, it's almost always on the left, and for the hippocampus, it's almost always on the right."

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    I did another experiment, combining the AVS-technique with the Shakti-technique. Here is my report:

    I built the Octopus (neuro-technique by Michael Persinger), but only with 8 coils instead of 16, and pulsed the coils with the earth-resonance-frequency. The signal came from my Procyon AVS mindmachine, which also sent the pulse to led-glasses. So I had 7.8 Hz by visual, audio and magnetic fields in sync for 30 minutes, with maximum output volume.

    During the session at 23 p.m. I felt nothing.
    After the session I had for a minute a whirlpool of white bubbles infront of my closed eyes. Then a long and deap sleep followed, no remembered dreams.

    Day #1: headache and a kind of hangover. Slow thinking the whole day. Less concentration.
    Night #2: again a deap and tight sleep, no dreams.

    Day #2: lots of memories from my youth and time in school came up during the day. Things I had totally forgotten. High level of concentration.
    Night #3: normal and with some dreams.

    Day #3: again lots of memories but this time from my childhood.

    The most interesting effects happened in night #4 and #5:

    Night #4: When going to bed I had intense hypnagogic images, ornaments, patterns and colors.
    Then I fall into a short sleep. At 1:30 a.m I woke up with extremely intense and vivid images! A trip. It lasted till 4:20! Geometric patterns, architectonic grids, computer grafics, landscapes, animals (lots of octopusses ), so clear and beautiful that I forgot to sleep

    Then a long lucid dream followed, where I dreamt(?) having an oobe flying over the historical city of Rome and other regions (islands, oceans, ...).

    When I woked up from that dream I had again that intense images, but everything was in the color green. A normal dream followed. Waking up from that dream the image-trip continued. When walking to the toilet, a red light flashes beneath my left eye. The images went on till 8:10 in the morning. That were more than 7 hours since they had started!

    Day #4: the whole day a feeling of bliss and happyness. It was like loving the whole world.
    Night #5: similar to night #4 but "only" 4 hours images and no lucid dream. When walking to the toilet, a bright white flashlight came up for a second.

    Day #5: a weak feeling of bliss and happyness.
    Night #6: everything normal.

    I can't say for sure that this was a result of the Shakti/Procyon session with the earth-resonance-frequency. I tried the same 3 days later only with the Procyon. It relaxed me but nothing more. I will repeat the experiment also only with the Shakti. Maybe it had nothing do do with the experiment at all.

    Stay lucid Sven

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    Thank you for sharing the results of your experiments, and thoughtful observations, Sven! And your experiments with 'the octopus' are fascinating indeed, in particular the long sequences of hypnagogic-like, psychedelic imagery that sustained well after you awakened (unless those were 'false awakenings'?). Please do let us know of your future results!


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    Hey you (and all over there),
    thank you a lot for your report and your courage to do it.
    Its really very, very great for me to read this and here.
    I was looking at the Shakti- devices many times.
    Now I am landing on a Kasina.

    And if I see a loudspeaker going to the trash, knowing there are a lot existing in this world.
    I think there a very, very lot electromagnetic coils out there.
    And nearly no one used it like you to better and evolve your brain use - such a great pioneer !!! yeah.
    Did you contact brainsci at to get some advice?

    Have excellent times and experiences,


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    Thanx for your replies.

    I did the experiment since then two times with nearly the same results. I also did it with the shakti-cap and the feel-good setup, the result was similar but weaker. Only shakti did just a very, very weak effect as only procyon did. The combination of both is the solution. I'm using the octopus setupt + procyon-earth-resonance once a month. My ability to visualize things did increase the last months. Cause I'm also meditating I can't say for sure its a result of my earth-resonance experiments.

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