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    Hi, I like to create a new Kasina session for stimulating telepathy. Now, I can't seem to find what could be the primary frequency to stimulate this.
    Also, should I use isochronic or binaural sound stimulation?
    Thank you :-)

    Also: Can I check somewhere the frequencies that are used in the Sirius and Kasina sessions? It's sometimes written in the sessions tabel here online but not always.
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    I'm sure you can imagine that there is not a definitive answer to this question. Telepathy as such may be a skill possessed by few, or latent in all, or a figment of the vast human imagination. I sometimes tend to get impressions and information (especially regarding 'synchroniciities' ) that I cannot explain the origins of exactly. Probably everyone does. Still, it is not at all apparent that an AVS machine can help in this regard.

    Where such a machine may be helpful is in creating novel, altered states of focus. During those states, one would be more likely to experience unique phenomena. The states that are likely most productive are lower alpha and baseline theta states, say from 6hz to 8hz. The Schumann frequency of 7.83hz is popular in this regard and it is one that many individuals have used for meditation.

    One area that I do think has the potential to create 'resonance' among people is couple or group meditation using AVS machines. This unusual group stimulation may help people to align their consciousness. I believe that it would be especially a good practice for couples to do this as they are already aligned to some degree. Anyway, it is speculation.

    On your second question, many of the factory sessions have complex frequency stimulation that aren't easily listed. These can be best described as 'band limited'. That means that sessions of that type focus on the entire band of a brainwave range, say Alpha for instance. The session would stimulate many frequencies within this range.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks for the reply Scott :-)
    Any thoughts about this so called rise in the Schuman resonance?

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