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    I saw an LED interface schematic somewhere on the site at one time, can anyone point me in the right direction ?

    So I spent the last few months rebuilding my lab which needed an overhaul and re-organization. Having purchased and begun using the various mind machine programming software's was a great excuse to do just that. I'll have video's soon.

    I've always wanted to build a pod, I don't know why but I've had a desire to from the time I was very young (9-10yo).

    In my day as a child we had a lot less electronic entertainment and we used to do things like take the empty refrigerator box that our folks or the neighbors were throwing out and make some kind of fun box world or a submarine out of it, I used to do that all of the time. I think we can all remember when we built a blanket fort across various furniture when we were kids, I think they still do that don't they ?

    Anyway, as the years went on I always dreamed of building a pod and then in the dream it became egg shaped with the perfect environment with a nice breeze and the perfect music or background entertainment. Of course now, they are all over the place, here's a google search of similar ideas.........

    Of course my dream of a pod now has to include it being one big mind machine as well, in fact I think I've already seen those too. So I'd like to start working on an interface.

    I've been designing and building LED and lighting interfaces for over 20 years now. Any info on the subject involving mind machines would be greatly appreciated including the schematic I saw somewhere on this site. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveMod View Post
    I saw an LED interface schematic somewhere on the site at one time, can anyone point me in the right direction ?
    It's right here on the front page! ;-)

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    Thanks Andy !

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