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Thread: Oceamniotic SpectraStrobe Eye Open

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    Quote Originally Posted by aethyria View Post
    How do I download this?
    There's a reason why some are downloadable and others aren't but I can't recall what it is. If you look at the MP tracks, they are downloadable (click ... more then download)

    Meanwhile you can still download the other tracks using a 3rd party downloader like scdownloader or soundcloud-download.

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    Default Re: Oceamniotic SpectraStrobe Eye Open

    Soundcloud requires that the author (Neuroasis) enable the ability to download, and it appears that he neglected to do this for this track. Scott's been in process of recovering from a nasty encounter with a brown hobo spider, but he should be back on the Forums before much longer. In the meantime, you can at least play it through the AUX input of your Kasina.



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    I'm having the same problem as Aetheria - I go to Soundcloud and there is no download button to be seen . I've googled download Soundcloud but apparently one cannot download directly from soundcloud . Using an external program (Replay Media Catcher ) I was able to download the file . Thanks anyway for a great track .

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    Does anyone still have a copy of this one by any chance? The SpectraStrobe encoding doesn't seem to survive scdownloader.


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