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Thread: First time user and have a question about cd content

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Thanks for the link, I didn't know it existed.
    Thank you to Raziela for your link, I downloaded them and testing them.

    I think if you go for the images then the AudioStrobe shines and undeniable gives you outright from the start images (my experience). SpectraStrobe sessions are more subtle and not as much images as the AudioStrobe sessions. If those ganzfeld glasses come availlable in my country (Netherlands) I will get them and I think they will be good with SpectraStrobe.

    Above all I use the Kasina for meditation. It makes it so easy for me to get into meditative states fast. With that I don't need the images, I only need the light on-of in sync with the isotones. When I bought the Kasina (mainly for its support in Neuroprogrammer 3) I even didn't know it could create images, that was a nice surprise when I watched my first AudioStrobe session and saw it with my own eyes.

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    Hello, Raziela--we've been working towards creating additional SpectraStrobe content, from a variety of composers, with the intention of selling them at a modest price as downloadable MP3's. One of the reasons we built our current site on Amazon's platform is that they assured us that this feature would become available 'soon'. But they never came through on that feature. Instead, they are shutting Amazon webstores down as of next July. We'll be creating a new website well before then, and will add the downloads at that time. We don't lack interesting and useful audio content, but creating the SpectraStrobe signals is a tedious process, and is a bit of a bottleneck at present.

    Lokiban, as Scott mentioned we love to hear experiences like yours... thanks so much for sharing them! The state at the edge of sleep can truly be magical, and part of our intention with some of our sessions is to keep you there for an extended period. That space is called hypnagogia, and there is a fine book on the subject by Mavromatis. See also


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    Default Re: First time user and have a question about cd content

    To give a bit a background. AudioStrobe as a technology is over a decade old. It is really rather simple meaning that it uses 1 high frequency tone track to produce the light signal. Originally the left and right channels in AudioStrobe as interpreted by the decoder panned signals between the left and right eyes. The glasses only had 1 color LED, usually red.

    The Proteus expanded AudioStrobe to interpret the left and right signals to control 2 colors. In the factory glasses this was green and red.

    Thus AudioStrobe did not really consider color but focused on geometry through quick speed changes and other phase change methods.

    The Kasina expanded AudioStrobe content to nearly full color with the random ColorSets and also ColorSet implementations of both left/right and 2 color methods of AudioStrobe decoding. You are also able to choose the pair of colors for the mapping. Note this was an innovation introduced in the Procyon as well, with color pairs assignable in the editor.

    So, AudioStrobe has much more content because it is many years older. Also, software like NP3 and MWS have had AS creation since their introduction although I have never seen visually interesting AudioStrobe content created by others using this software. If someone can point me to some then that would be appreciated.

    With NP3 it is difficult to make the many segments that are needed for interesting AS as their is no zoom, among other reasons. With MWS you can create interesting content but the best comes from custom waveforms and intricate node structures. See my discussion above about 'entrainment' structures as compared with 'entrainment' structures and my subsequent conclusion of the superficiality of the categorization although the creation of the former is much more simplified than the latter.

    Note that the MindExplorer SW from TC Softworks (by a Kasina engineer) can produce interesting AS content using a color organ type approach that is very configurable. The LUX plugins by a forum member can create good AudioStrobe (or SpectraStrobe) content too but you must have audio DAW experience.

    The AudioStrobe content that we sell was created on high end audio tools (Capybara Kyma) by Robert and others. The music is licensed and the artists receive royalties. MindPlace manufactured the CDs and once they go out of stock, no new runs will be made. The files will be sold as digital files and also the process of converting to SpectraStrobe (especially for Eye Open) is under way.

    Ok, so SpectraStrobe is brand new for the Kasina. Thus about 2 years old. We had to create the tools and techniques for encoding files. It is an ongoing learning and design process with tools being refined.

    SpectraStrobe is much more complex having 6 channels compared to 2 in AudioStrobe. Color is a fully integrated part of the design process as is left and right independent signals.

    My focus in creating SS content for the Kasina was presenting colors for closed eyes and interesting modulations. Experimental techniques to say the least. Maybe not all were successful but that is how any new technology is. I pushed the envelope to the best of my ability at that time and stuck with Mind Art categories mainly. Other Kasina session authors fulfilled their tasks with stimulation sessions with enveloping audio.

    Alright, long post, so hang in there.

    Closed eye color needed red to be reduced for a better color mixture. This is even though we added more blue and green LEDs. Thus closed eye color mix sessions are overall not perceived to be as bright. Red is by far the brightest color in closed eyes. So, trying to deliver a wide range of colors requires that red be tamed and the overall composite brightness to be reduced.

    AudioStrobe sessions never bothered with this as they didn't care about color. You can see that in the random ColorSets that some colors work much better than others in closed eyes with creating patterns. Red and all LEDs (whitish) creating the crispest patterns.

    Now we are moving into world of eye open glasses which was always the intention. SpectraStrobe rules in this arena as all the colors of the rainbow are available without compromise.

    There are other technical considerations that SpectraStrobe requires to produce really crisp geometric patterns. I have been working with the Procyon recently with eye open glasses, and my god it is amazing. The technology of the Procyon is totally different. You have direct digital control of the waveforms across 3 channels.

    However, I am learning a lot of tricks again from this that are reproducible in SpectraStrobe to some degree. More on this will be detailed later.

    Still, our focus at the moment is eye open sessions (which work well in closed eye too). Thus, new sessions are in the works. But once again we have to make it up as we go.

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    Default Re: First time user and have a question about cd content

    Hello all, thank you for the wonderful and extensive feedback.

    @Robert, thank you very much for the interesting info. Setting up your own download portal where you don't have to pay fees to third parties sounds like a good idea, and I am sure the community will love and support it. Please ask the authors to add extended descriptions of the sessions and implement community features such as reviews and discussions. Last but not least, please offer paypal as a payment method.
    I thought creating Spectrastrobe sessions is not a piece of cake, so this is why for example at the moment I am not considering creating my own sessions with expensive software - I am still a beginner.
    Thank you for the interesting info on hypnagogia. I am still not sure what it is referring to - e.g normally before I fall asleep I see some senseless images and I am aware of that, and sometimes if you engage in a discussion with me at that point I will give senseless answers back because I hear the question, but at the same time see non-lucid dream like images and can't place the question in its actual waking life context. If this is what hypnagogia is, Patternity and Sumberge Vol 2 took me there, but not every time. I do not know how to make use / influence this state like I would in a lucid dream. Hope the Kasina will get me there.

    @Scott, I am sure mindplace and other authors will be able to create amazing visuals with Spectrastrobe and I appreciate that it is a new technology and you as the creators are still learning from it. And to be completely honest, I think that the audiostrobes in the Kasina contain samples from different tracks and this is why they are so diverse - and probably a lot of red color. But do you mean that Spectrastrobe sessions will deliver more colors if one uses open eye glasses? Anyway I really appreciate your efforts and experimentation and can't wait to see how this will develop.

    @Lokiban: I do not think Spectrastrobe as a technology is more sublte, I think the particular sessions are. Please download Skytripstrobe from the sessions folder - it was so bright and diverse, I was almost tempted to decrease the brightness
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    Default Re: First time user and have a question about cd content

    With the DeepVision glasses and your eyes open you can see a lot more colors. They are more vivid. Especially blues, greens, yellows, purples. The colors can be very bright too. You get a lot of phosphenes as well.
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    Thank you Scott for the explanation of the differences between AudioStrobe and SpectraStrobe and it was my hunch that AudioStrobe was around much longer so there is more content for it.
    Indeed I notice the nice and smooth colors of SpectraStrobe and after contacting my vendor they are getting the ganzfeld glasses so I am happy to get them as they arrive.
    What I notice with SpectraStrobe I get notions of moving, sometimes outright images but not like AudioStrobe the mandelas and fractals but complete imagenary scenes, sometimes I move through the scene, sometime the scene moves before me.
    The color experience on my eyes with SpectraStrobe is better but more subtle.
    I love the Everglades under meditation, such a great experience.

    On another level, After a week using the Kasina to meditate twice daily I got a doubt n my mind that it was making me 'lazy' in my meditation skills.
    Today I thought I do meditation without the Kasina to see if I have gotten lazy or notice any differences.
    Wow! My meditation skills have risen to new hights. I could not believe the difference with before I got the Kasina and it was such a pleasure that I would not get out of the meditation feeling extremely well and with a smile on my face for an hour.
    The Kasina is awesome, truly awesome!
    I now have no fear whatsoever that I will get 'lazy' in my carefully build up meditation skills because the Kasina is in fact helping me.
    Knowing this I couldn't be more happy with the Kasina and for those wanting to learn to meditate get a Kasina and treat yourself. This is how the modern human in the West uses technology to get to states of mind very easy
    I did try binaurals and Isochronic tones before but our vision is the most important sense we have. It takes priority above all others and the Kasina brings me there in no time because of it.
    In fact I stopped the sound meditations years ago because I thought it didn't do much for me but now I am noticing it.
    And then to think that I found out about the Kasina while doing a meditation and I got this idea which I followed up on after my meditation and it made me go on the Internet and find the mind-machine website.

    Thank you all for your advice and links to soundfiles, I love it.

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    Today the shop in The Netherlands finally has the deepvision ganzfield glasses and I immediately ordered them.
    I am excited to see them in action.

    The difference I mostly notice between SpectraStrobe and AudioStrobe is that in AudioStrobe I see a lot of fractals, mandalas and geometry whereas SpectraStrobe gives me visions of places, scenery in moving kind of fashion which is great.
    I think the difference is between nearfield vision and deep vision, I can do both now and both are nice although I notice I get better with the visuals with use of the Kasina over time.

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