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    I love my Kasina but I'm on my Procyon right now and will be for months to come allst while throwing in some Kasina sessions pariodically. Tonight I'm hooking up my Procyon to a really nice Yamaha amplifier and I'm going to run one of my Audiostrobe discs probably Requiem, all of it through my headphones. I'm experimenting and I just want to see how this will work and if there are any benefits in doing so. I'd like to try the Procyon by it's self through the amp sometime but I'm feeling like some Audiostrobe tonight. I've also ordered some Procyon superbright ganzframes (wish I had them tonight) so when they come I'll be doing the whole thing all over again and other sessions as well. As you can imagine, this is an experiment in upping the intensity.

    Has anyone done this before ? If so please tell me about your experience.

    I'll be posting about my experiences in a few days after I've tried the super bright ganzframes in the mix.

    In case anyone is concerned, yes I am aware of how damaging volume can be to the ears. Really what I'm doing is trying this method with some of the more milder pitches and Hz and maybe just getting a little more volume out of them, nothing to radical.
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    So far my reaction is WOW !

    So my first experience with this setup occurred a day later than expected and I did not try it with Audiostrobe.............yet.

    What I can say is Holy schnykees. You want to talk about taking this up a few levels ? This is taking it to heights previously un-thought of.

    I don't know if the people at MindPlace encourage this type of experimentation, I picture Andy, who feels like the voice of reason around here, sitting and reading this shaking his head . (Hehe)

    I can tell everyone this, I love the products, can totally appreciate the portability of all the units. If your on a plane or in a hotel room, a study hall a doctors waiting room etc and you need to chill, relax, sleep rejuvenate.........what ever, MindPlace products are perfect but attaching one to an amp and dialing it in to your desired sound preferences is ONE HECK OF AN EXPERIENCE ! I've never experienced anything like this yet. Wish I would have done this years ago. The only thing that can up it more is having a pair of super bright ganzframes which should be showing up here any day. And yes, I highly recommend that if you can, try it.

    Here's what I have: I purchased a really nice zero gravity type chair a couple of years ago, yes it's inside (it's nice) I really only use it for mind machines and meditation. I made the chair extra comfy with strategically placed comfort enhancement items (arm, leg pillows etc) it's like sitting on a cloud. I don't lay down in it I just recline a bit so it's perfect for meditation In this new situation I have a really cool small portable folding table that I purchased at one of the big box stores. On it next to me I have a stand alone Yamaha amp with my mind machine of choice plugged into the CD inputs. It couldn't be more perfect.

    What I do is I leave the treble flat, it appears there is no need to turn the treble control up or down. I turn the loudness almost all of the way up for maximum volume control which means I'm in charge of volume. The bass is where all the magic happens. Tune the bass to your preferred setting and whoa !
    The way the sound washes over you is just's euphoric.

    My next steps are to add the new ganzframes and then additionally try some Audiostrobe tracks. I'm very excited to be able to do both. So far this has been a really amazing experience.

    PS my first session in this was #23 Night Voyage 15, it was so cool I had to do a #48 Kaleidoscope Mind 20 afterward.
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