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Thread: Question about the open eye glasses?

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    Default Question about the open eye glasses?

    I am new to the audio/visual brain entrainment world.
    I read a lot about the open eye frames and am wondering what the benefit of having the eyes open vs closed. Does it change the affect on the brain entrainment or is it just more dynamic with the visuals? I am thinking about getting a pair, but if it is just more of dynamic visuals, why have them.
    Thank you in advance for the answers

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    Default Re: Question about the open eye glasses?

    Eye open glasses are especially good for higher frequency delivery in the beta and gamma range. These frequency levels are counter acted somewhat by relaxing in closed eyes.

    You can also read throughout this forum how I think that the 'wow' factor, that is a deep feeling of amazement and awe is a key to altered consciousness states. The eye open glasses deliver that in a vastly expanded way. Of course, you will still mix them closed eye sessions. I personally start with an eye open segment for 10 minutes or so and then go to closed eyes for the meditation. I find that both are enhanced with this mix.

    In summary, the EO glasses are an important addition to anyone's toolset.

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    Default Re: Question about the open eye glasses?

    Thank you for the information Scott

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