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Thread: Creating Spectrastrobe signal using Kyma software.

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    Default Re: Creating Spectrastrobe signal using Kyma software.

    One thing about Neurosky though it is only one channel. So you can't compare the activity between the hemispheres. At three times the price for the Muse you get 4 channels. The Emotiv Insight will be shipping to the public soon as well. MWS will most certainly support that. I don't know if they'll add support for the Muse or not.. but am hoping. The affordable EEG space is opening up fast.
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  2. Default Re: Creating Spectrastrobe signal using Kyma software.

    Just found this thread after receiving my Kasina in the mail today. Wow, you guys have gone deep. Thanks Scott for all of the resources you have made available here. I am wondering if you have created any other devices for ableton? I produce music using Live (and am moving more and more into live production rather than DJ'ing pre produced tracks) and have been toying around with the project you posted here and am getting some pretty interesting results already. Super interesting manipulating the visual field in this way.

    I tried to use your envelope follower but it doesn't show up in my VST's after following your steps. I am in a 64 bit set up so I suppose that is the issue. Have you updated it to support 64 bit as well? The main thing I am trying to accomplish at this point is some sort of combination of the ColorOrgan feature and the SpectraStrobe tools you have gifted us here. Ideally I would like to have the realtime analysis that the ColorOrgan supplies with the SpectraStrobe on top, potentially with the option to choose the dry/wet level of each of the two to find a good blend. Have you experimented with or accomplished anything similar?

    I am also wondering if you have sound files for the 7 primary colors? (red/orange/yellow/green/blue/indigo/violet) I see you have created files for some, but not all of these colors and I still don't really understand how I could do it myself.

    Oh, and if you want to check out some of my music:


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