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Thread: Shake the Brain and Healing chanting (with random features )

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    Default Shake the Brain and Healing chanting (with random features )

    Hi my intention with this session is to really shake the brain with some chanting and sounds of deep space and deep water

    1)the first 10 minutes and the last 10 is between 10hz and 20hz random ever 20 seconds ((isochronic Tones ))

    2)the following 10 minutes is between 1hz and 10 hz random ever 20 seconds ((for this is more calmer parts for deep in))((Harmonic Box))

    the chanting is for lifting and healing purpose

    3) the glasses play random colors every 20 seconds ((if you put a toilet paper around the glasses and use with eyes open you will see amazing colors changing ))

    total 30 minutes session (I place the different sounds and some very careful location for some more inside experience

    I have been using some session like this for some time and is I feel is really good for getting new ideas and bust creativity ..

    enjoy it
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    Thanks Leandro, that was great!

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    Default Re: Shake the Brain and Healing chanting (with random features )

    Hey, I loved this session. The chanting is so beautiful! Thank you.
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