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Thread: Latest Bass HeadPhone with Bone Conduction

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    Got the skullcandy heaphones a few days ago and when plugged into an mp3 player with bass boost or the cd player with bass boost then the effect is great, The effect isn't so powerful playing it directly into the kasina and even though the skullcandy allows you to boost the bass, The effect for me is when the bass option is selected on the mp3 player, this was not while connected to the kasina.

    Unfortunately my sony mp3 player does not seem to be very compatible with the kasina, the sound is faint and distorted. I will have to burn some cds and then connect the portable sony cd player to my kasina. The bone conduction headphones do improve the experience but plugging directly to the kasina the effect is not so noticable, though I will try more sessions on the kasina and update. If I connect the external cd player to the kasina then I can put it on bass boost and think this is the best way to enjoy the effect of these headphones.

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    You have the older version of the SkullCandy Crushers (SkullCrushers), is that right? My understanding is that there was a lot of improvement with the new ones. With material that has bass frequencies present (the Kasina does no boosting) the effect is quite noticeable. Try out the Mind Art session Space Trace and see how it does. On mine this session vibrates like crazy.

    I'm not sure why your mp3 player would distort with the AUX input. You might want to try and adjust the AUX input levels in Settings - Audio on the Kasina.
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    Thanks Scott.

    Yes these are the older skullcandy, I was listening to a Kelly Howell guided track and the vibration effect was amazing on that track and is powerful on other tracks, in fact the relaxing tone was too powerful on the kelly howell track with the skull candy subwoofer amplifer combined with bass boost that I had to turn off the bass on the mp3 player, I will try space trace later with the headphones directly plugged into kasina and let you know what it is like. Thanks for the tip on aux settings, I will take a look.

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    I loved space trace Scott, You make great tracks, I love sleep cycle too, i know that wasn't one of the built in sessions, Skullcandy headphones really have made the experience more fun, I appreciate that you and others encouragement as they are worth it, even if I had to pay full price for the newer ones then it would be worth it on what I have experienced with these. I would love to try it with ces and light and the kasina but it is going to be difficult wearing my ces ear clips and using the headphones together, I might give it a go, the more layers the more intense the experience.

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    CES and the skullcrushers together while doing light and sound sessions is great.

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