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Thread: ThoughtStream Monitor Mac Beta Software

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    Thank you - couple of more questions have come up. Let me know if this is covered somewhere else already and feel free to refer available documentation in case I missed that. Would be interested to use this more regularly for myself and maybe also with some of my hypnotherapy clients, but the software leaves some open questions for me.

    (1) - In the log, you can see that the session was 20 minutes long (18:24 till 18:44).
    What does Duration: 4:08 mean though? Is this a bug --- or the time that the reading was in the target zone?

    (2) In the text log below, not sure what „reading is 100%“ and "reading jumped by“ means - any ideas?

    (3) Regarding the graph in the software display:
    There is a relaxation response from 500 to 800 on the x-axis. Am I correct in interpreting this as a 25% decrease?

    (4) And at the bottom, left to the „data“ field, is a „smooth“ button - do you know what effect this will have?

    Thank you and best regards


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    Just downloaded this today, runs fine so far on my MacbookPro with High Sierra 10.13.4. How about a Mac version of Mental Games, (and others), please? Also, how's the "sound playback for a future version" coming along, neuroasis? :@)


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    Default Re: ThoughtStream Monitor Mac Beta Software

    I'm glad to hear that the software is working on High Sierra.
    FYI - Mental Games is written by another company, called Verim, so we have no influence over what they do with their product.
    I don't think they'll be any updates to Scott's software. He's vanished.

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