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Thread: Lightframes seem unbalanced

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    Default Lightframes seem unbalanced

    Hi, I'm so enjoying playing around with this box! - it's stealing far too much of my time already lol!!!

    I do have a niggling query about the balance of lights L/R though.

    I notice especially on the red light that the right channel is brighter than the left. Times where all lights flash together often the red is strong on the right side and extinguished on the left. I have moved the balances so that blue and green are around 70% and red <60% for a balance that feels right.

    Is this normal calibration or could there be a problem with either the light frames or the Kasina output? The plug is fully inserted btw and there doesn't appear to be anything loose or intermitent - Just the the right side brighter than the left.

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    Default Re: Lightframes seem unbalanced

    Click the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page and I'll help you get this resolved. Sorry for the trouble!

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