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Thread: I am new to Kasina and I've got some Questions

  1. Default I am new to Kasina and I've got some Questions

    Hello all,

    yesterday ive got my Kasina. I tried some smooth Sessions and I am actually impressed.
    I tried the "A Starlit Night" Session, and after some minutes I felt, like my attention moves
    away from my Body into deep "silence".

    I have a few Questions, in order to be sure to make nothing wrong and so on:

    1) Does the Brightness of the LED's affect the effects of the session, like: The Brighter, the better?

    2) I sometimes see really nice and complex shapes (almost psychedelic), but they are a little bit diffuse.
    Is it possible, that those shapes and patterns getting somewhen even more "clear" ?

    3) I was told, that some people are able to see real "dream scenes", like a hypnagogic state of mind.
    Does this come by the time? Or by some special Sessions? And how does it feel?

    4) The next thing is: I never had a trance like state of Mind. There are some "Trance" Sessions.
    What can I expect with these? I want to be prepared in order to get not scared.

    5) If i get scared, is it possible to stop the whole thing right within the session?

    I know that this are a lot of Questions. I hope its not too inconvenient.

    Best wishes,
    Philipp :-)

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    Default Re: I am new to Kasina and I've got some Questions

    Hi Phillip,
    Glad you are enjoying the Kasina and esp. A Starlit Night as that is one of my pieces.

    To answer your questions:
    Brightness preference varies among people. Personally I usually like the lights rather bright as this creates more 'after-image' visual illusions. However, it is also a nice contrast when the lights dim or go off during parts of the session for brief times. You will have to experiment to see what your preference is. A Starlit Night is the brightest session on the Kasina factory sets.

    Yes, I think with practice the patterns get more clear and you notice recurring ones and themes. It is also interesting to observe when you seeing spinning patterns if they are going clockwise or counter clockwise. Often the will alternate between these. There was a time when from the studies of optical illusions that the direction was thought to indicate which side of the brain was active.

    I am one person who has experienced vivid hypnagogic imagery with AVS by going into near sleep states. I think many people fight to stay awake if they don't intend a sleep session. I personally think one of the major advantages of AVS sessions is that it can lull you into a light restless sleep with the light patterns mimicking REM eye movements. This is the fertile state of mind for realistic visual images. After you have achieved this a few times it is easier. The hardest thing is that the first time you might be startled awake and think something really weird is happening. It's not. Once you are beyond that surprise then you can settle into it.

    The Trance sessions on the Kasina center around low alpha and theta frequencies. The folder names are really other terms for Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Art sessions. The Trance sessions are conducive to deeper meditations. There is nothing to be anxious about.

    Yes, you can stop the session at any time. It is not unusual to be anxious about new inner experiences. However, I think you will find that using a machine like the Kasina you are able to encourage and enjoy deep states of mind, at your pace and under you control. The anxiety you may feel is really anticipation for the interesting experiences that await. Your mind and imagination have immense potential. Think of it as a journey and vacation. Take a leisurely pace and explore.

    Thanks so much for your questions. I will be very interested to hear how you progress.

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  3. Default Re: I am new to Kasina and I've got some Questions

    Hello :-)

    Thank you so much for your Answers. They helped me alot and I feel ready to make those many experiences :-)
    So I did today: I first started with the Biomarkers Session. It helps a lot to "calm down" and relax in order to be
    prepared for a deep session. After this I tried the "Alphabet" session in the trancefolder. It was just... WOW!

    The first 5 minutes i felt good, the music and the lights were relaxing. After (i guess) 10 minutes something
    really interesting happened:

    Suddendly I felt like my body began to float and I began to feel dizzy. I got a bit nervous about that, because it got a bit "overhelming",
    but I tried to let it happen. It got stronger and at one point my whole body, began to rotate fast over all possible axes. After 1 minute it began
    to slow down and it felt like I was slowly rotating. But it was a good feeling. Not that "iam getting sick" feeling. It was a pleasant floating
    feeling, like lying on a boat on a calm sea, but moving around several axes, which kept changing slowly.

    What was that?

    I guess this was a deep one I am curious what could happen the next time, when I am not trying to inhibit it a little bit. Just let it
    freely go on...

    After the Session my body was totally relaxed, the same way when i wake up in the morning after
    a long and good sleep.

    The Kasina is a well-conceived MindMachine.
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    Default Re: I am new to Kasina and I've got some Questions

    There are often physical accompaniments like spinning, floating, rising/falling when you really settle into a vibrating rhythm and ride the waves of it. This is another aspect of surface/depth awareness .

    At the deeper depth levels then the pulses just become an 'engine' so to speak. It can take on many forms: flowing water, tidal waves, trampoline type motion, pendulum motion, spinning and so on. I think each person might have a preferred way to perceive this feeling in a way that is comfortable to them. You might have to try at first to consciously shift visualizations if the first one you encounter is uncomfortable. But it sounds like you went along with the feeling and let go.

    It is common to call these the Out of Body Experiences (OOBE) but there is a lot of baggage with the more fringe aspects of this phenomena. I tend to think of it as a natural acquired visualization skill that does have a physiological component as well as the psychological.

    Your initial reports indicate that you have a proficiency in this area. And that is rare. I think you might have found an amazing skill that you can develop and enjoy. One thing, practice with clarity and intention to try to gain some degree of control over the onset and intensity of the phenomena. It is a good thing to start this from the beginning. One way is to let it happen a bit and then stop the session and come down from it. Then start the session again to alternate your awareness. That way even in the early stages you are doing it with intention. Spontaneous experiences of this type are disconcerting to may people by reports. I have personally not had spontaneous ones outside of dreams.
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  5. Default Re: I am new to Kasina and I've got some Questions

    Thank you very much!

    What do you mean by "alternate your awarness"?
    Do you mean, that it is possible to lead my expierences in a way, I want them have to be?

    One last question:
    Can you maybe recommend me some experience reports of what is possible (Feelings, Seeings, State of consciousness and so on...) during an AVS Session?
    Maybe I can control the sessions by knowing a direction and knowing it in detail. I dont want to get stuck on just "one"
    state of mind. I really like to experience all the facets of AVS.

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    Default Re: I am new to Kasina and I've got some Questions

    Yes, of course you can guide your journeys to a degree or at least plant the seeds for them. It is a form of lucidity. It takes practice. I tend to have a certain range of imagery that I build upon. Fountains for instance for me are common which can be water type or fire or laser lights. I once attended a show in Singapore that had a huge fountain that they projected video onto. I use that a lot since then. It may help somewhat if you build off a physical experience that you have had and more so if it had strong positive emotions associated with it. The example I gave really was an amazing display and I was wowed and felt even somewhat transported while watching it.

    On reports, a whole framework for the modern field using technological stimulation tools was built upon the work of Robert Monroe. You may want to read his book Journeys Out of Body, Far Journeys.. etc. I can't say that it is anything but his personal reports but is suggestive and he did make his life's work out of it. I am surprised these books aren't on the Kindle. There is a newer one about him I haven't read but I think I will

    Also you will want to read about Entoptic Phenomena as it relates directly to visuals triggered by our systems:

    That's just a sampling.
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    Default Re: I am new to Kasina and I've got some Questions

    this is a really good and useful conversation....

    thanks to both of you...


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