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Thread: Surface / Depth viewing

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    Hi everyone!

    Thank you for your answers!
    Now I can finally make my way, knowing the right direction! I think it will take much more time and practice with the kasina till I can get to the next level of experience.

    a Kasina-User

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    Interesting.. Quick question. I have a Kasina on the way from you guys... If i have one eye they is worse then the other.. Will i still be able to take advantage of the effects of the visual side of this? As i was doing my research it never occurred to me that might matter since my eyes were closed.

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    I cannot think of a scenario that this would make a difference, as long as you still have light perception (contrast/luminance) Even people with extremely limited vision just short of total blindness should have notable results.

    Every once in a while on Amazon and other venues people ask if the 'visuals' are just flashing lights. Well, yes and a big fat no too. It really depends on how you look at the world. Is the Mona Lisa just daubs of paint on a canvas? Are the compositions of Bach just structured noise? What do you think the limits of the human imagination are? That is where the rubber hits the road. Now I am not presenting the Kasina as a timeless masterpiece of course. It is more a question of what simple elements in combination can create.

    Your imagination is the driver, the Kasina just a vehicle. So, yes, flashing lights. But everything our eyes have ever beheld is thanks to the power of light. And the imagination lights many vast worlds yet unexplored.
    If you know something I don't, speak up! If maybe I know something you don't, ask away!

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