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Thread: OBE and Lucid Dreaming with the Kasina

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    Quote Originally Posted by machevans View Post
    Here is a little adventure I went on, this was after I played 2 sessions off the Kasina first being the Meditation track, second being the Night Voyage. After these I laid down and had a OBE. I had to follow the vibrations and induce it but the Kasina put me in the correct place to achieve this.

    Well, after having a great weekend up north I came home in a rather peaceful connected feeling after cleaning up my place a bit. I was reading a crystal book I had just recieved off amazon and after dosing off on the couch I went to my room to try 2 new tracks on the Kasina Mindplace machine. I started off with the Meditation track which seemed to be a very simple light track that allowed my mind to go whereever I wanted.
    I begin with tracing my history of how I ended up out here and all the people I had inerteacted with which seemed quite easy I almost at one point turned it off thinking I could do this without the track but I knew it had me in a certain state of mind to make this visual. I did end this session 45 minutes in which it only runs 50 minutes but decided to try a different one.
    Moving on the next one I tried was in the night voyage section called Night Shift - Small description = This incorporates an evolving nature-soundscape from day to night. The light colors change from yellow over green and blue to violet over time. Starting at 12 hz, this ramps to 3.5 hz with plateaus at 10hz, 7.83hz and finally 3.5hz. After playing this session I removed the Kasina and laid face down in my pillow.
    Probably not more then 7-10 minutes I felt this buzzing feeling all over my body and decided to play around with it a bit. I could feel my astral head moving like it was trying to tear out of my physical head. Mind you I have never had a OBE while laying face down so this was new to me the feeling and position. I continued to try and yank my head up and to the side with no success, then moving to my feet doing the same... I was stuck, I couldnt exit but I could feel my astral body trying to do so which in itself is a great feeling with full awareness.
    I then recalled the method called the rollout method which you attempt to simple rollout of physical body. One attempt of this and BOOM I was out, this was a very light vibration exit which I haven't ever experienced before not the normal pop. I immediately turned around to view myself and went up to my ceiling fan and of course got stuck at the top.
    It has been a very long time since I have had a exit as clearly as this one. With my fresh exit I thought I would go to my living room which the door seemed to be thick as I hit it. Pushing again with my mind I was able to go through my room door to my living room and had a strong urge to go outside. Again some thickness on my window but mentally saying push I was outside of my place zooming around having an amazing experience, so freeing and recalling how nice it was to be outside the physical for a bit.
    After a few minutes I decided that I wanted to go a bit further so again I focused my thought on my fathers house and attempted to travel. Perhaps I was super rusty because I could feel the mental loading up the location as if it was a hard drive accessing data but nothing happened.
    Again I tried with no luck, I am not sure if it was to far or what was stopping me but I continued to just enjoy the local projection and then remembering from my past reads that staying out to long can turn in to a foggy dream so I returned to my physical body and sat up with a cheesy grin on my face.
    At this point I am not sure if the Kasina was the inducer or if it was just one of those nights but I did learn a different method of getting out of the body and it will go in my tool set of exiting.

    I am very pleased to be writing this as I am everytime I have a successful OBE. I'm sure many may find the topic itself a little out thier but I will suggest trying to achieve one first before being so quick to judge .
    To everyone else that travels, I am sure I don't have to say much, it will go down in as another exit.
    Interesting thread! I am an avid OBE'er, though I have yet to induce one from using anything like binaural beats or the Kasina. Usually I either purposely induce sleep paralysis (which is a pain, can take 2 hours before falling alseep) or I use the WBTB Wake Back To Bed method.

    Have you had any followup projection experiences using this same combo?

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    Is there anyone who has an update for OBE and Kasina?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebastiii View Post
    Is there anyone who has an update for OBE and Kasina?
    To be honest, the best way to achieve an LD is to induce it chemically following the protocols developed by Thomas Youschak in his book The Power of Supplements. The simplest way is to go to sleep as normal, wake after about 3 to 4 hours, take some Galantamine, stay awake doing something active like reading for half an hour and then return to bed. Has worked 100% of the time for me. And btw, the would venture to say that a LD is the same neurologically as an OBE.

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    Thanks for your comment
    Strange that I didn't receive notification about it will go to look settings.
    I'm from France so not sure Galantamine will be available here, from what I have read 8 mg is the dosage and need Galantamine with Choline

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